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The Holistic Fempreneur Leadership Program

Who is the Holistic Fempreneur Leadership Program For?

This program is for the emerging entrepreneurial woman who’s READY to experience FREEDOM, CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and MOMENTUM in their business and begin to monetize their passion-based message.  She’s ready to stop flying solo and receive support from someone who’s been on a similar path, and allow herself to be stretched and elevated to the next level in business.

What can you expect to achieve in this program?

In this 4-month experience, we will examine your budding business with a focused lens–further refining your purpose, message, niche and personal brand, busting through any limiting beliefs, building your self-confidence, and creating a sustainable business structure from which your life’s work is able to flourish.


“Ashley helps me move from fear to action with my business goals and big creative projects. She actually does exude rock star energy (you can’t say that about everybody!) and she inspires me to tap into that energy myself. More than that, Ashley holds me accountable to my highest self. She inspires me to get shit done and puts a fire under my butt to just GO FOR IT…even when I don’t feel totally confident and “ready”. I’ve accomplished things in my business that I wouldn’t have had the guts to go for without Ashley in my life.What I most love about Ashley’s coaching is this: She has an intuitive yet no nonsense approach that helps me release fear, paralysis and overwhelm and get my mind and body into grounded excited action so that I can do my life’s work as the leader I’m meant to be. If you’re ready to let go of fear, have a ton of fun doing your life’s work, and rock your business, Ashley’s the coach for you.”
-Laura Thompson Brady, Mama Wellness Coach, The Nourished Home, Hallowell ME



In this highly customizable 4-hour intensive, we’ll map out a clear structure specific to your vision and unleash any fears that may be blocking your flow so you can move forward with clarity and grace.

During the Deep Dive we may:

Clarify your purpose and message, create your mission statement, further refine your niche, create your ideal day/week, develop a loving opt-in gift for your site, create your programs and offerings, identify your major marketing moments for your programming, determine a clear launch calendar for your offerings, rewire your brain for love and feminine receptivity in your business.

The structure of the ½ day intensive consists of 2 90 min. coaching blocks, with a 60 min. “homework” break in the middle of the 2 blocks.  You’ll walk away from the day focused and energized with a clear plan in place for our time together.


Month 1

The focus in the first month is to get you clear with your message/purpose, niche and personal brand identity.  Here’s what you can expect to accomplish in month one:

  • Discover your heart-driven purpose/message
  • Get crystal clarity of your tribe/niche
  • Put all your unique brilliance together to create your personal brand identity that stands you out from the masses
  • Create the name of your biz, secure URL and develop your tagline
  • Create and eloquently deliver your “Love Hook” (the answer to the what do you do question)
  • Develop your service oriented mission statement
  • Begin to create attractive product and program offerings

Month 2

The focus in the second month of this adventure is to develop super magnetic program and product offerings.  Here’s what you can expect to accomplish in month two:

  • Create your signature programs, compelling packages and unique offerings
  • Develop an authentic and desirable free gift to support you in growing your list
  • Create a list-building “challenge” that feeds into your Jumpstart entry level program
  • Focus on implementing simple marketing techniques and social media strategy
  • Structure and create a launch calendar for your upcoming offerings
  • Build a strong referral and affiliate network

Month’s 3&4

The focus of the third month is to completely up-level your business and get your freshly branded biz out there in a big way—AND to monetize your message.  Here’s what you can expect to accomplish in month three:

  • Craft your unique story and learn to speak your truth with confidence via teleconference and/or in person workshops
  • Up-level your money mindset and manifesting skills
  • Monetize your message by understanding why people will buy from you before they think about buying elsewhere
  • Rapidly increase your sales and conversions with video creation
  • Create a 6-month business plan to move forward with your brand with grace





I LOVE gifting people. You’ll be sent a sweet welcome package at the beginning of your program, as well as additional goodie or two throughout as needed.

You’ll also receive a beautiful bonus of a personal organizational session with my pro-organizer Virginia Maddan to help get your biz organized moving forward. YES PLEASE…


I want you to feel fully supported throughout this journey. If you find yourself in a jam or needing support in between or sessions, feel free to reach out via email and we’ll hash it out. Handouts and resources will also be sent to you as needed.


“Before I met Ashley, I didn’t have a business and now my practice is full! When we first began working together, my business was a nebulous thing with about thirty different focuses and no momentum. By becoming clearer about my vision, my brand, and how to monetize my mission, I’ve become a person who loves her job!I feel so much more confident about going out there and getting clients, charging my full rate, and truly being myself in my coaching sessions. The people I’m working with are excited to work with me EXACTLY the way that I’ve put myself out there—they have a strong sense of who I am and what I do because the brand that Ashley and I refined together is truly authentic to me. I often find myself coming up with new ideas that feel totally in line with the cohesive vision we’ve created, and when that happens, I can’t wait to call Ashley again and continue working with her!Ashley is also great at detecting BS. She has seen through the ways that I’ve tried to wiggle out of committing fully to myself and to my business, and she helps me move through my resistance to get to where I want to go…and all with a sense of humor! We’ve laughed together the whole way through, but we’re getting very serious work done at the same time.”
-Rebecca Riyana Sang, Writing Coach,, Berkeley, CA


This program is for you if:

You’re revved up about moving forward, fully branded, grounded and self-assured as a leading solopreneur.  This program is for you if you’d like to get clarity and direction, so you can experience FUN and balance in your business. This program is for you if you’re ready to let go of trying to do EVERYTHING yourself, and are open to receiving loving guidance from a compassionate coach that has your back. And, this adventure IS for you if you want to feel FREEDOM and harmony in your business for the long haul.

“Ashley Burnett is a rockstar of the highest order and is a beacon of light, hope, and excitement for so many women!”
-Carey Peters, Business Coach, Transformational Coaching Method, Chicago, IL


Availability Capped At 10 Clients Per Year
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