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One of the biggest struggles I’ve seen women in all stages of their entrepreneurial journey experience is around building visibility and the confidence to put their life’s work out on larger platforms.

The deep DESIRE to be Seen & Heard as the leader they know they harness within is there in a serious way. But that little 4 letter word called FEAR is holding them back from taking their passion-driven work to the next level.

Be it a fear of outshining, a lack of feeling like they know enough, a general fear of failure, or an aversion for the stage, so many brilliant women are dimming their light and playing smaller than they know they’re capable of.

If you’re reading this, you may feel like many of the thousands of women that I’ve served worldwide, and you must want a similar thing…

  • You desire to fully express yourself and access your feminine power as a woman and a thought-leading business owner
  • You deeply desire to make a serious difference in the world for the better through your mission-driven work
  • You want your business to continue to expand and flourish in a sustainable way
  • You want to stand out from the masses and be seen and heard as a leading expert in your field
  • You desire to feel fully embodied and in your power as you stand up and speak up for your mission on large scale stages



  • My 3 core embodiment strategies to eradicate fear and boost your power
  • My favorite pre-stage confidence boosting ritual for grounded success
  • An effective practice to re-pattern your brain and concur your fears on stage
  • Practical tips to scale your business and deepen your leadership

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I truly believe it’s time for the women of the world to release the fear that is holding them back, to unleash their uninhibited power potential, to be seen and known for their great work, and to fully embody their missions on a global scale.

The call will be recorded and sent to you a few days later if you can’t join us LIVE, but for those of you who CAN, I’ll have an exciting surprise only for folks who are on the LIVE call…

So deeply excited to connect with you in this powerful way and sending much love,


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Professional Bio

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Business & leadership coach, professional dancer, speaker and writer–Ashley Burnett is on a mission to help entrepreneurial women embody their messages, build visibility, and speak up for their passion-driven businesses with confidence.

A 13-year strong entrepreneur, Ashley has run a successful dance company, massage therapy practice, jewelry business and thriving coaching practice.  She’s created and facilitated nearly 100 live and virtual events, and helps her clients scale their businesses through experiential events, retreats and speaking engagements.

Driven by her belief that when women fully own and speak their truth with Uninhibited Expression, the vitality of our world will be restored, creating a deeper sense of well being & peace for all beings everywhere.