Are you ready to stop doubting yourself and getting lost in the slew of brilliant business ideas that you have?

Are you longing for the clarity needed to increase your income, expand your leadership, and catapult your business to an EXPONENTIAL level in 2024?

If your answer is a HELL YES, I invite you to join me for my 3-hour VIP Deep-Dive Business Vision Retreat for an UNFORGETTABLE 1-1 coaching experience.

In 3 transformative hours, you’ll bust through the old belief systems holding you back, clarify your next steps, and create a sustainable action plan that will move your mission forward.

* {Offered either virtually or in person at my Quincy, IL home studio space.}


  • A Week Before the Retreat – Before we meet, I’ll send you an email on how to gear up for our retreat plus our robust Vision Retreat Workbook so that you can feel super prepped and get the most out of our time together.
  • Start of the Session (15 min.) – We’ll set the foundation for the day with grounding meditation, intention setting, and mini breathwork practices so that you’re rooted and fully open to receive.
  • Strategy Work Block #1 (75 min.) – During our first work block, we’ll refine your prep work, hone in your thought leadership & core beliefs, clarify your 2024 vision and funnel, and begin to map out your yearly goals (both with offerings & financials). You’ll be floored at the clarity that comes through in the first half of the experience!
  • Recalibration Break (15 min.) – We’ll take a quick break to reset and integrate the work we’ve done so far so that you’re ready to roll for the second half of the day. 
  • Strategy Work Block #2 (75 min.) – For our second strategy block, we’ll dive deeper into refining your funnel, clarifying your launch calendar, and aligning it with your ideal seasonal schedule. We’ll complete by mapping out your action-steps on your calendar so you know exactly what to do moving forward and no second guessing can occur – plus we’ll seal it all in with a quick retaining ritual.

You’ll leave the retreat feeling super empowered, clear, and productive…say buh-bye to all the jumbled thoughts and ideas in your head, and say hello to a clear plan of action. 

*Bonus Follow-Up Activation Session (45 min.) – Scheduled for 2 weeks after the retreat, this follow-up session is an opportunity to check in on your progress, explore continued support options, and uncover your aligned next-steps.

  • "Hiring Ashley was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    One of the most powerful experiences of our time together was our Deep Dive Vision Retreat we had at her retreat center. Walking in, I felt held, safe, loved. It brought me to tears.

    Ashley walked me through a powerful process that left me feeling clear and confident about moving forward, and within a few months of her continued support, I simplified my business - saying no to opportunities that no longer aligned, and welcoming ideal clients into a program that feels fun and easeful to deliver.

    As a result, my income is consistently double what it was, plus I’m enjoying more free time than ever!"

    Blue Russ

    Women's Leadership Coach - Flagstaff, AZ


You’ll walk away from this game-changing experience with…

  • A deeper understanding of your ideal client demographic and what you do so when you invite your crew to work with you they’re a HELL FREAKING YES.
  • A fresh list of thought-leadership content so that you can articulate your message with crystal clarity, and have loads of new copy for your newsletters, social media, marketing efforts, and program launches.
  • A refined and aligned business funnel that has the potential for you to 2-3x your revenue.
  • The confidence and clarity needed to raise your rates, gain greater visibility, and go after your visions with unwavering devotion. 
  • An ideal schedule that is seasonally focused, offers time and location freedom, and allows you the spaciousness to work part-time, 3-4 days a week, taking multiple month-long sabbaticals a year if you wanna.

And loads more…

This is not a dress rehearsal. NOW is the time to live a life and run a business full of clarity, freedom, authenticity, and joy. And this deep-dive retreat is the perfect way to catapult your vision forward in the coming year ahead. I’d be beyond honored to support you on your journey in this powerful way, and let’s freaking DO this!

About Ashley

Women’s business & leadership coach, circle & retreat facilitator, author, yoga teacher, and seasonal living advocate, Ashley Burnett has created a 20-year strong global entrepreneurial and wellness movement.

She helps entrepreneurs, artists, healers and creatives buy back hours of their free time, increase their income, become more impactful leaders, and seasonally align their businesses for heightened profitability, joy and sustainability.

She also leads women’s seasonally-focused ritual circles and wellness workshops that inspire more meaning, well-being, mindfulness, and magic.

Ashley has facilitated hundreds of classes, workshops, events, and retreats, and has taught thousands of heart-centered change-makers around the globe.

She’s relocating back to her hometown hamlet of Quincy, IL on the Mississippi River, after living 18 years in the San Francisco Bay Area – along with her husband David and sweet son Quintin.

Her forthcoming book Your Spacious and Seasonal Year is due out this February, and she’s launching her Wellness & Creativity Studio Space, The Gathering Ground on her 3 acre microfarm in the Summer of 2024.
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