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Activate Your Radiant Brand

A 28-day roadmap to discovering your soul’s purpose, clarifying your niche & rocking your brand in 2014.

Retreat leading and facilitation coach Ashley Burnett smiles at camera

You and I both know that you’re here on this earth to add some serious value to the world—for a BIGGER purpose than you yourself can explain.

The only problem…

You’re not totally clear on what that purpose is, who specifically you’re serving, and you’re struggling to brand yourself and your business.



Either you have no idea where to focus, or you’ve already launched your biz, but your brand is feeling a little too vanilla and is not 100% YOU.


Woman smiling at camera next to testimonial about womens empowerment

“By working with Ashley I’ve gotten so much clearer with my big picture vision, and she’s helped me to believe that I can create my business to be exactly what I want it to be! It’s been awesome to have the strategic support with idea generation, and a fresh set of eyes to bounce my own ideas off of as well…

Before working with Ashley, I was dragging myself along solo and was completely overwhelmed with all the daily details of my running my own business. Now I feel totally supported and have been able to let go of a lot of the fears that were holding me back.

Ashley has offered me doable solutions to my challenges, and has encouraged me to seriously think outside of my own box… AND the accountability has been priceless as I’m a procrastinator by nature and she really encourages me to move my business forward at a faster pace than I normally would trying to do everything myself.

Now I know that I don’t have to do this alone, and it feels SO much more comfortable and enjoyable to run my business with her support.”

-Lindsay Keene, founder and esthetician at Sweet Cheeks Skincare, San Francisco, CA

Chances are you’re like I was when I first started my business…you’ve been trying to “figure out” your business and brand from the outside in, instead of from the inside out.

If you’re resonating with this, please know that you’re NOT alone—and that’s why you’ve landed here on this page today.

So many new entrepreneurs in the first years of biz struggle with this… and most likely it’s because they’ve felt pressured to “pick a niche” and “figure out their brand” without any REAL direction on how to navigate this DEEPLY PERSONAL PROCESS in a safe environment with someone who can help draw out their brilliance with ease.

Your personal brand is your BIGGEST ASSET. In order to have a successful business, you MUST become intimate and become one with your brand…because here’s the real deal,

The Radiant Branding Method begins with giving yourself the permission to FALL IN LOVE with YOU.

By EMBRACING your unique brilliance, gifts, talents, challenges, weirdness, life experiences, and personality that no one else on the face of the planet has, by COMPLETELY OWNING who your are, and by LIVING YOUR BRAND everyday, your brand will become magnetic!

True Story About Yours Truly:

Womens mastermind leader Ashley Burnett smiles at camera while business coaching

A year and a half ago I created a brand that was totally not me. I helped everyone—meaning I had no niche, and I took any coaching client I could possibly get my hands on.

Eventually I chose “prenatal women” as my target market because my teachers kept telling me to pick a niche. I thought, yeah, that sounds good…even though I hadn’t even had a child yet.

I was also a total do-it-yourselfer. I was living paycheck to paycheck—and wanted to “be in control” of my business at all times…

I thought if I kept trying harder by working 12+ hours a day — staying up past midnight, and neglecting my relationships and self care, that I could figure it all out.

And girl, was I wrong… I was broke with no prenatal clients (duh!), and was not having fun…Here’s what was REALLY going on.

  • I completely wasn’t feeling like myself in my business and was NOT in love with my brand.
  • I felt disembodied, disempowered and freaked out — with no clients to boot.
  • I felt like a fraud, having picked a niche that I had no personal experience with.
  • And I couldn’t give a clear answer to the “what do you do” and “who do you work with” questions for the life of me.

Running my business from this super masculine and fear-based perspective was not fun. It was really exhausting and was SERIOUSLY stunting the growth of my business. And then I COMPLETELY burned the eff out.

It wasn’t until I stopped going on my “crazy business crash diet” of pushing, doing, and trying so hard—and started getting practical by hiring personal coaches, committing to a bi-weekly mastermind group, and going within for the answers first, that I GOT CLEAR.

As soon as I let go of the reigns a little bit, and allowed myself to receive the extra support, accountability and direction that I needed, and started to fall back in love with myself, and my brand identity became MAGNETIC.
Ashley Burnett embodies leadership while dancing and smiling in Petaluma, CA

By making some simple yet profound changes in my life and my business I was able to quickly:

  • Fall back in love with myself
  • Get clear on my message and purpose
  • Discover my Love Niche
  • Create my Radiant Personal Brand with Ease
  • Be seen as a thought leader in my industry
  • Receive more clients than I have room for
  • Double my income rapidly


I want to show you how to fall in love with yourself, your life and your business, have a love affair with the branding process, and explode your business with a brand that is 100% YOU.


Woman smiling after womens business mastermind

“Working with Ashley has been so helpful for me to get clarity around myself and who I am in my business, and to verbalize my dreams and desires –ultimately daring me to dream big! It’s been so beneficial to brainstorm my niche and clarify who I’m serving, so that I have a clear path and plan moving forward with my freelance business.”

-Tricia Jang, Graphic Designer & Co-Owner of type.lites, San Francisco, CA


So…..Are you ready for this?


If you’re a heart-focused, ambitious entrepreneurial woman who really wants to get clarity around her purpose, niche and brand, who wants to be seen as thought leader in her industry, and desires to RADIATE her brand from the inside out in 2014, then I invite you to join me for my new online course Beginning Tuesday March 4th. (all calls are recorded if you can’t make the scheduled call time)


Let’s get clear about what you’ll learn in the course.


The 4-step Radiant Brand Method

Step 1
Fall Madly In LOVE with YOU
  • Uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from FULLY OWNING who you are, and completely love your unique SELF.
  • Discover 3 simple and totally effective techniques to boost your self-confidence immediately, and say YES to yourself—always.
  • Receive Ashley’s Self-Love Empowerment Blueprint for long-lasting abundance, success and FREEDOM in your life and your business.
  • Release the “Compare and Despair Syndrome” quickly and with ease.
Step 2
Uncover Your Soul’s Core Purpose
  • Learn how to femininely FEEL into the discovery of your purpose, instead of pushing hard to figure it out.
  • Courageously STEP into your heart’s deepest desires, raise your frequency for success, and MANIFEST your message with grace.
  • Clearly identify your “Zone of Genius” and build your mission and message upon the special BRILLIANCE that only YOU have.
  • Discover where you might be out of alignment with your truest desires, and allow yourself to redesign your life.
Step 3
Clearly Discover Your Ideal Love Niche
  • Learn Ashley’s simple Love Niche Discovery Method, and release the compulsive feeling of force choosing a niche.
  • Fully understand your Love Tribe, and learn why your crew will buy from you specifically before they think about buying elsewhere.
  • Create your clear and concise Love Hook Statement (the answer to the what do you do question) and deliver it with ease.
Step 4
Develop Your Radiant Personal Brand
  • Learn how to put together all your gifts, talents, challenges, life experiences, weirdness, interests, and uniqueness to create a brand that STANDS OUT and completely defines you.
  • Clearly identify and refine your RADIANT STYLE, so you can feel inspired, jazzed and confidant about expressing yourself as you represent yourself.
  • Develop your MAGNETIC business name and tagline, and brainstorm look and feel for your site.
  • Understand the #1 strategy on how to get your brand noticed by the big wigs in your industry.


What’s included in the Activate Your Radiant Brand Course:


4 Weekly 75-minute Group Teleconference Calls with Ashley

In these weekly calls we’ll dive into the content for the week, and you’ll be supported and stretched by myself, and our awesome community of ambitious entrepreneurial women. You’ll leave the call ready to take inspired and strategic action, and feeling jazzed about moving forward with your brand development. There will also be time for Q & A and laser coaching at the end of each call as well…the perfect opportunity to speak up and get private coaching with me around your business and brand.

Mp3 Recordings of all 4 Group Coaching Calls

If you aren’t able to make the calls, you’ll be able to listen to them and implement the content at your convenience. You’ll have these recordings for life, so you can listen to them again to deepen your learning experience.

Weekly Inspired-Action Worksheets

In addition to our group calls, each week you’ll receive simple assignments and exercises to complete on your own time. The strategic worksheets will allow you to integrate the course material with ease, while stretching you to make lasting change in your business.

The Activate Your Radiant Brand Private Online Forum

This is where our awesome community will get to together to give and receive SUPPORT, ACCOUNTABILITY AND CHEERLEADING. This is a safe and supportive space to ask questions, share your aha’s, and let our community know how your progressing during the process.

Plus These 5 Radiant Bonuses:

Business coaching bonus feather image

Private Radiant Brand Coaching Session with Ashley

I want you to be absolutely clear and successful on how to move forward with your Radiant Brand once completing the program. In this 20-minute private phone coaching session, you and I will dive in quick and dirty style and examine your brand with an uber-focused lens. We can focus on any remaining questions that you have about your business or on anything that wasn’t addressed in the program.

Business coaching bonus feather image

Embody & Monetize Your Brand Bonus Group Coaching Call

This bonus 60 min. bonus coaching call is designed to provide you with some basic tools on how to start monetizing your message with your new or newly updated personal brand. You’ll leave this bonus session with some of my favorite tools on how to strengthen the presence of your brand, have a game plan on how to quickly begin to generate some serious moolah, and you’ll know exactly what your next steps are for getting your brand out there.

Business coaching bonus featherimage

Luminous Style Strategy Session with transformational stylist Supreet Sandhu

In this 30 min. private skype session, you’ll uncover the blocks that are holding you back from stepping out as your fully expressed, stylish self in your business. You’ll discover how your personal style can work FOR you, and how fully expressing yourself with your style can actually attract more of want in your business and in your life.

Business coaching feather image

Ideal Radiant Business Day Blueprint

This gorgeous handout will allow you to create your ideal day now…not tomorrow, next year, or when this or that happens…but NOW. Get ready to shave hours off your workday, get more done and have more FUN!

Business coaching bonus feather

Business Organization Session with organizational specialist Virginia Maddan

Virginia is my personal organizer and is a TOTAL rockstar. In this 30 minute private phone coaching session, Virginia will help you organize your biz and will give you timeless tips to be more efficient and effective with your time.

Woman smiling about womens retreats in Petaluma, CA

“I knew I wanted to work with Ashley because her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. I can feel how much she believes in her work, and in mine. Having her on my team has brought so much excitement and joy into my business. It feels amazing to know that I get to set up my practice and my life the way I want them to be, and that I don’t have to settle for anything less.

Having a coach has helped me in ways I never even imagined. I have learned so much from Ashley’s experiences in setting up her own holistic online business. Developing clear action steps and timelines, being accountable to another person, and having someone to guide me through each step have all helped me develop my business with clarity and intention.


There’s also something to be said about the power of investing in yourself. I could actually feel my energy shift once I made the decision to go “all in” and invest in one of Ashley’s program. I feel proud of myself for taking this step.”

Vanessa Marin, Licensed Sex and Relationship Therapist,, San Francisco, CA

The Activate Your Radiant Brand Course is all about getting clear with yourself and getting noticed so your business can move forward already! After only 28-days with me you will:

  • Uncover and begin to release your limiting beliefs
  • Rev up your self-love and fully OWN who you are
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Stop comparing and despairing
  • Clearly uncover your purpose
  • Get realigned with your deepest desires
  • Identify your “love tribe”…your niche
  • Develop your “love hook” with ease
  • Create your business mission power statement
  • Express yourself with your radiant style
  • Rock out your compelling biz name & tagline
  • Create your Radiant Love Brand

The Activate Your Radiant Brand Course is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a HEART-DRIVEN entrepreneur in the first few years of running your business and you’ve been struggling to uncover your purpose, focus, niche and/or brand.
  • You’re ready to move forward in a serious way in 2014, and you know that finding this kind of clarity in your business will help you with that FORWARD MOTION.
  • You don’t want to blend in with all the others in your industry, but you want to STAND OUT and be seen as a leader.
  • You desire a group of change-making women to work through this process with, and you’re ready to receiving strategic guidance on how to get clear from a compassionate coach that has your back.
Woman smiling after business coaching

“I was completely clueless about running my business when I found Ashley. By taking the empowering step forward to invest in coaching with her, my business has improved in every way! From creating my newsletter and designing my programs, to launching my first online program, Ashley has helped guide me along the intimidating process of entrepreneurship.

Since we’ve started our work together, I have gained ENORMOUS clarity within my business. I’ve made tons of progress as I’ve been guided by her every step of the way. I feel more confident and focused, and I feel more excited about my business because I’m experiencing this forward motion. I know now that I have what it takes to run my business…

What I most appreciate about Ashley is her extreme professionalism, while still being down-to-earth. She oozes confidence, and has compassionately supported me—allowing me to feel safe during the process… And the accountability ROCKS! Knowing that I’m speaking with her each week keeps me from procrastinating on any work that seems intimidating or overwhelming. I’ve stopped operating from “career crises mode” and have finally made huge strides in a career I love.”

Mimi Coker, Certified Health Coach,, Fayetteville, NC


This process is all about helping you to STAND OUT in your business, and expand in FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS and LOVE everyday, so you can inspire the masses with your compassionate message.


I’m offering you this revolutionary course for a totally doable investment, because I want this to be a super easy yes for my wellness and holistic entrepreneur lady friends.

The Activate Your Radiant Brand Course is only $247 or 2 easy payments of $137.


The course begins Tuesday March 4th. (call is recorded if you can’t make the scheduled call time)


A little freaked about signing up? Try out the Activate Your Radiant Brand Course risk free for 2 weeks.

100 percent money back guarantee for womens business mastermind
I’m so confident in this program that I’m happy to give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you fully participate in the first two weeks of the program, complete all of your action steps, yet weren’t satisfied with the content and delivery, I’m happy to give you a full refund within 2 weeks of the program start date.

My desire for you is clarity in your business, freedom in your life, and a seriously radiant brand that moves you forward in big ways…cause the world needs your message BIG TIME!

To your brilliance,


Womens business mastermind leader Ashley Burnett smiles at the camera in Petaluma, CA

Ashley Burnett, founder of the wellness company Strong Body Love is a certified transformational coach, biz and branding strategist, and a serious mover and shaker–having worked as a professional modern dancer and performer for over 10 years. Ashley is passionate about helping heart-focused entrepreneurial women create their radiant personal brands, so they can stand out and be seen and heard by sharing their compassionate mission-driven message with the masses.