Cleansing…What’s all the hype about?

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Detox Affirmation

The words “cleanse” and “detox” are becoming more mainstream as of late.  For some people, the words stir up a lot of negative connotations–and for others, just plain curiosity.  In today’s post we’ll talk about why we should cleanse/detox our bodies in our fast pace, technologically based society today–and I’ll de-bunk some detox myths for ya as well.

When we cleanse our bodies with whole foods, we essentially are cleaning our blood.  Our liver processes the toxins that accumulate in the blood, which are then eliminated from the body…or we would like to think that’s the case!

When our system (our precious body) gets  gunked up with too many toxins that have been accumulated from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the stresses of everyday living–impurities aren’t properly filtered, and every cell and organ in the body is affected–and not in a positive way.

This is one of the biggest reasons we’re dealing with the disease epidemic in our society today–because there are more and more toxins in our environment and we are paying attention to our bodies less and less.  So, if you are feeling slow or sluggish, this most likely is why, and a gentle whole foods detox is calling your name.

Learn more about the benefits of whole food detoxing in today’s video post:

Think of your body like a car.  You take your sweet ride in for an oil change a few times a year, right?  We have to do the same thing for our bodies…’cause your body is a SUPER high-powered machine and is REALLY what you have to drive on an everyday basis!


Step 1.  Set an intention for your cleanse.  Get really clear with what you want to get out of it, and what having that desired outcome will do for you.

Step 2.  Plan ahead.  Know what you’re going to eat and when.  If you set yourself up for success with complete meals and healthy snacks, you won’t be tempted to raid your pantry and give into that potential processed snack attack binger.

Step 3.  Come off your cleanse program gently and gracefully, instead of going back to old habits right away.  A good detox program should set you up for success moving forward.


Weight Loss • Increased energy and mental clarity • Clear, glowing skin • Boosted immune system • Enhanced digestive function • Improved sinus congestion or allergies • Reduction of PMS symptoms • Alleviation of joint pain or headaches • Balanced moods and better sleep • Preparation for healthy pregnancy.

Not too shabby.  And with the signature Reboot Your Bod 8-day Online Cleanse program that I lead my clients through, you can expect to experience these results in a little as a week.  Rock on!


Myth Buster#1:   I’m going to starve or feel deprived.

Again the most important thing when starting a detox is knowing exactly what you CAN eat.  Here’s WHY this is important:  If you know what to eat, then you are much more likely to get the results you want, whether that’s weight-loss, more energy, clear focus, reducing bloat, or better sleep.

Often when you start a detox program you get a long laundry list of stuff you CAN’T eat.  You go home feeling deprived, confused and HANGRY!  (That’s Hungry and Angry mixed together).  I know y’all have been there, and it’s no bueno…  So having a clear meal plan and focusing on what you CAN HAVE is of most importance.

Myth Buster #2:  It’s going to be too difficult and I don’t have enough time.

I know y’all are busy.  I definitely feel you.  But, again if you have a clear action plan that is well laid out for you, focuses on simplifying, and offers you quick and easy meals or suggested meals, you’ll know exactly how you can be successful, and how you can easily incorporate detoxing into your everyday–no matter how busy you are.

Myth Buster #3:  I’ll be running every minute for the ladies room.

Here’s the deal.  Most whole foods detoxes are gentle programs designed to help you reduce bloat and make elimination easier…but you absolutely should not be running to the bathroom every five minutes.  With the right detox program, you should feel like you’re moving smoothly, but not like you’re experiencing a crazy colon cleanse!

Persimmon love


When you invest in yourself and in your health with a whole foods based detox program, you become more connected to your body, and you also develop a deeper and more loving relationship to it.  You start living the best version of your life, because you’ve freed up the space in your body to do so.  You feel confidant, empowered and awesome in your body…and that’s what detoxing your bod is REALLY all about.

Here’s to feeling your best you!