How to Add More Flow to Your Life

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Now that I’m newly engaged and am planning a fairly speedy wedding, it would be REALLY easy for me to get overwhelmed right about now, and fall into the do do do, go go go mode of wedding planning, but I’m trying my best to chillax and trust the process.

The more we push, do and go all the time, the more we actually block our flow. Sometimes we gotta SLOW to go with the FLOW. So in today’s post I’d love to share with you my top three strategies for adding more flow to my days. Cause what is the point of running around like a lil’ chicken with your head cut off?  Not fun…am I right?

Strategy # 1 – Meditate.

This has been the most helpful way for me to relax, reconnect to myself and to slow down. When I start going crazy and caving into overwhelm, I stop, take a few deep breaths, close my eyes and remember that I’m here, and that I’m alive and well in this precious moment.

Meditation can help to bring us back into our bodies and guide us in freeing our minds.

The next time you feel like you might lose your shiznit, I invite you to stop what you’re doing, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and sit mindfully for a few minutes. Remind yourself to be grateful that you are here, and consciously release your fears and frustrations–cause those two buggers will seriously block your flowjo.

Strategy #2 – Get Your Yoga Flow On.

I heart yoga lots. This is my absolutely favorite thing to help me release any blocks I might be holding in my body or mind. Look, I know that not all of you dig yoga, or perhaps you might be intimidated by it, but this is why they call it a yoga PRACTICE. The same goes for meditation for that matter. These alternative de-stressing practices might feel foreign or frustrating at first, but I can assure you after four or five sessions you’ll be feeling like a blissed out rock star.

If you do feel intimidated by all the spandex, or just don’t have enough time to incorporate a 90-minute yoga class into your busy day, check out This is my favorite yoga site for at home, or yoga while on the go.

Classes range from 5-120 min. and they also offer guided meditation sits on the site as well. Check out Stephanie Snyder’s or Elena Brower’s classes for some awesome all-levels flow classes that will leave you feeling amazing and full of life.

Strategy #3 – Cleanse Out Your Body Temple.

Our bodies are our temples and are super high-powered machines. They are sacred and we need to treat them as such.

It’s crazy to think that we treat objects such as bling rings, houses and cars with more love and respect than we do our own bodies. But, your sweet ride can only do so much for you, and this body of yours is really what you have to drive on a daily basis.

Just like giving your car an oil change, it’s necessary for us to give our dear bodies a nice clean out a few times a year. This process doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can be full of pleasure, and afterwards you will be flowing and glowing. (And, I don’t mean heading to the ladies room every two seconds either, although that department will be working much better as well). ☺

So, I invite you to cleanse your body out this spring (just in time for summer), and join us for Strong Body Love’s signature 8-day Reboot Your Bod Cleanse which includes 50 scrumptious and decadent recipes, and offers you the accountability and support that you need to be successful with your goals. Visit this link here for more info and to register for our early bird rate only available until next Friday!
Now I’d love to hear from you. What do you do to get your flow on? Have any effective modalities to share?

Allright loves, thanks so much for reading and catch you next week!