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Welcome to Reboot!

Welcome to the Reboot Your Bod Cleanse

Hi There!

Thanks so much for signing up for the “Reboot Your Bod Cleanse”, and we are happy to have you join us on this amazing detox journey!

Here is the link to the “Reboot Your Bod” packet. I recommend reading it 1 week before the start of the cleanse so that you can begin to prepare and familiarize yourself with the program. It’s also recommended that you start weaning yourself off of “The 6 to Skip”, (wheat, sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods) 1 week before the cleanse begins. This will allow for your transition of taking a break from these common addictive foods and food allergens, to be a smoother one.

Don’t forget to schedule your one-on-one 45 Min. Strong Body Love Breakthrough Session ($110 value) for the end of your cleanse. I recommend scheduling it to coincide with Day 12 of your cleanse so that you can carry your new healthy habits into everyday life. Schedule your session here – select the 45 Minute Strong Body Love Health Coaching Session!

The Reboot Your Bod Cleanse starts whenever you want it to.
I recommend that people listen to the call on a Thurs., take Fri, Sat and Sun. for their 3 days of “pre-cleansing” where you’ll cut out the “6 to skip” (gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods) to prep your body to detox, and then start the cleanse on a mon. You can do whatever you’d like though!

Use the below as a guideline for when to listen to the recorded call:
Day 1, Pre-Cleanse Prep Talk. Download here.
Day 2-4, 3 day prep period, (cut out “The 6 to Skip”)
Day 5, 8 day cleanse begins!
Day 12, Last day of 8 day cleanse
Day 13-16, 3 day post cleanse period

Also, make sure you have a decent blender. A juicer is optional as there are some optional juice recipes on the cleanse, but you can also make these juices by blending the ingredients in a blender with some water, and then straining through a fine mesh strainer or Nut Milk Bag. I’d recommend purchasing a nut milk bag also as we’ll be making some super easy and delicious homemade almond milk that you will love and only takes 5 min. to make! And, drinking warm water with lemon 1st thing in the morning a week before the cleanse begins is also recommended to jump start the detox process…

Ok, please let me know if you have any more questions, and I’m more than happy to answer!
All the best, and happy cleansing,