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For Women Sick of Feeling Self-Conscious of Their Bodies:

Learn how to stop hating your body & end the dieting saga so you can LIVE in a body you love & feel confident in for good…

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Are you over feeling disgusted by your body, or playing smaller in your life because you feel like you don’t “look the part”?


You’re not alone. Women have been struggling with their body image for years.

We compare, despair, body bash, talk trash…we drive ourselves CRAZY…and mainstream media hasn’t helped one damn bit.

AND just to top it off, the dieting saga starts on average at the ripe young age of 8…YIKES!




Ash on Fire Escape

Here’s the truth: We’re the role models for the next generation, and we’re seriously struggling with setting a shining example. It’s time to get out of our own way and learn to BE the positive, powerful and confident women we know we can be, every day..


During the call I will share:

  • My top 3 strategies on how to banish self-judgment and cultivate positive body image
  • The number 1 mistake I see women making when “trying hard” to lose weight and what to do instead
  • How changing your mind about your body can change your life
  • 2 of my favorite self-confidence boosting tips
  • Plus get a sneak peek into my revolutionary 6-week virtual course, Body Compassion Boot Camp–why it’s different than anything you’ve ever tried before and how it works



“HOLY S**T!!!! My mind is blown. Sista, I felt like you were speaking directly to me. Such an aHHHmazing call… I have been hiding my wild child, doubting myself and playing safe. You are on fire and I REALLY needed this! I’m over the moon for you babe.”

– Heather Leveroni, Holistic Health Coach, Wild Child Wellness, San Francisco, CA



“I listened to your call 3 freaking times! I love you…you’re SO inspiring Ashley!”

-Claudine Dagit, Natural Chef, Stiletto & Spice, San Francisco, CA



“Ashley Burnett is a rockstar of the highest order and is a beacon of light, hope, and excitement for so many women!”

-Carey Peters, Business Coach, Holistic MBA, Chicago, IL


The good news: You don’t have to figure it out alone,
and you don’t have to struggle…

If you dream of ending the war with your body,
and feeling fierce confidence in yourself no matter what size you are at the moment,

Please join me for my End Body Hate FREE 60-Minute Training Call
on Saturday September 13th at 12 Noon Eastern/9am Pacific.


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The call will be recorded and sent to you a few days later if you can’t join us LIVE, but for those of you who CAN clear your schedule, I’ll be raffling off 1 spot for boot camp for 1 lucky LIVE call participant, plus other fun prizes…

I can’t wait to connect with you on the call and sending you so much Strong Body Love,


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Ashley Burnett, founder of the wellness company Strong Body Love, is a body & career confidence coach, business & branding strategist, motivational speaker and a serious mover & shaker.

Her mission in life is to help wellness & creative entrepreneurs acquire FIERCE CONFIDENCE in their physical bodies and with their heart-based bodies of work so they can elevate their impact in the world.

Ashley is no stranger to the stage—having grown up dancing, singing and acting under the direction of her parents, holding a BFA in Dance Performance from the University of Illinois, and working as a professional dancer, choreographer & teacher for over 10 years. She has spent the last decade immersed in all things wellness related–holding health coach and massage certifications, and maintains a devoted meditation and yoga practice.

Ashley believes that now is the time for women to develop the courage and confidence to be seen and heard in their bodies and their businesses—and boldly put themselves out there, imperfections and all.