The moment that shifted everything for me in my business…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

I remember the moment clearly…

It was 2014, a little over 2 years into my coaching career, and I was on the table receiving a massage.

About halfway into the session, I was struck with an idea of inspiration.

Create and lead an EPIC half-day group retreat.

At that point, I was working solely 1-1 with my business coaching clients, and was still working with my massage clients to make ends meet.

But, I was also living in San Francisco, had access to an incredible yoga studio, and was feeling called to step back into group facilitation (I had taught dance, choreographed, and produced shows for small and large groups in the years prior).

Within 3 weeks of that inspirational hit, I visioned, created and marketed that game-changing half-day retreat – and had 20 incredible souls with me in the room…

And, from that retreat, I pre-enrolled a number of those women into my very first mastermind program (the retreat happened in November, and I started the mastermind in March of the following year!)

And that’s when EVERYTHING SHIFTED for me in my business.

That’s When I:

  • More than doubled my income and finally scaled past the 6 figure mark
  • Maximized my time by running groups, and cut down my workings hours by more than half
  • Expanded the impact I had on the world – my global attendees were starting their own groups, and the ripple effect was inspiring
  • Felt confident in my leadership, and like this new business endeavor was finally working!

I can honestly say that group work is where it’s at in terms of building more time and financial freedom – and greater impact and transformation for your community…

And, even if you’re already leading retreats, events or circles – getting advanced training in this area allows you to maximize them to their fullest potential (take it from me, I had 12 years of group work under my belt when I did an advanced facilitation training and it skyrocketed my success).

That’s why I’m SO EXCITED to invite you to the 2nd workshop in my FREE Unleash Your Impact Series. Our workshop earlier this week was sooooo rich and chock-full of info, and I’m so excited to invite you to the next!

Our next workshop is coming up Tuesday, September 20th, and entitled:

Unleash Your Signature Group Program: 5 skills to become a wildly impactful group facilitator, and radically scale your business through transformational groups, events and retreats.

In this next-level 75 min. training, you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase your revenue by expanding beyond an unscalable $’s/hour, 1-1 service only, or solely product-based business model.
  • Conceptualize your first or next scaleable retreat, event, workshop or multifaceted group experience.
  • Weave in unique components that will make your group stand out from the masses.
  • Up your “energetic hygiene” skills so that you can avoid taking on your group’s energy and burning out.
  • Confidently and PLEASURABLY market your groups from a place of authentic service.
  • Avoid missing out on thousands of dollars of revenue per year utilizing my favorite, heart-centered strategy.

It’s going to be an incredible training, and you’re gonna walk away super inspired and empowered, with massive amounts of clarity on how to call in more income, free time and impact this year.


With lots of love and gratitude for being here, and being you,


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