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Hello, dear community,

One week ago, I hosted our second seasonal community forum, Revolutionizing Fempreneurship…and to be real with you, I’m still buzzing from all the wisdom and ideas that were shared!

It was phenomenal.

A group of 7 incredible women shape-shifters, sitting together in a virtual circle, sharing their insights and lived experience in honoring the feminine in business, and building heart-driven empires, on their own terms…


The conversation was multi-faceted, and we riffed on topics such as:

the value of intentional spaciousness in our business the importance of deep listening before jumping to inspired action the ROI of trusting the process of “slow and steady” or “less is more” how one powerful step can be exponentially more effective than trying to do “all the things”

The panelists and I shared our favorite rituals and our most effective embodiment exercises.

And, we got brutally honest about some of the past challenges we’ve faced that catalyzed us into this new model of business that prioritizes self-care and feminine flow – including boundary setting, ignoring self-care, people pleasing…the list goes on.

Here are some of the things folx typed into the chat during the conversation:

“Wow! That was a true mind-shift!”

“Revolutionary’ puts it into such perspective!”

“I’m literally over here taking notes, lol”

“So grateful for all here… every single one of you has hit on my intentions, and given me some new hope to work with.”

“Slow and steady wins the race… I really needed to hear that”


Thanks to those of you who were able to make it LIVE – and if you weren’t able to, don’t worry, – we got you!

Also, since you’re a part of the ABC community and movement, I wanted to share the ACTION STEPS with you that I shared at the end of the forum:

1. Create an Intentional Declaration Statement (​​an act of formally or confidently stating something) centering on what you’re calling in for yourself and your business at this time. Thoughts and intentions grow stronger as they are written, spoken, and shared, so create your statement, write it down on some pretty paper then share it! Feel free to share it on IG and tag @ashleyburnettco and the other incredible panelists so that we can hold you accountable.

2. Create your Aligned, Ideal + Realistic Seasonal Schedule. Determine what your ideal work hours are (the time you work ON your business and the time you work IN your business, as well as your sacred time off). Also, set boundaries around your SM + Screen time, and determine when you’d like to take time off throughout the year (your vacay’s and sabbaticals). This is also a grounding practice to work with seasonally in your business – aligning your launches up with the rhythms of nature for long-term sustainability and flow.

3. Bookmark the self-care practices that resonated for you that our panelists shared on our forum, and determine one way that you’re planning to ritualize those practices into your daily workflow – and your why behind it.

4. And, if you’d like any additional support around heightening your income + impact, clarifying your vision, cultivating core confidence, and aligning your business seasonally, with feminine energetics woven into your business model, I’m happy to offer you a complimentary 1-1 call with you to see what working together would look like. This is a potent opportunity to dive deep into your vision, identify what might be getting in your way, and explore how working together would have the capacity to help you reach your 2022 goals in the coming months ahead.

, and would be SO stoked to drop in 1-1 with you in this powerful way – with no attachment to the outcome on my part!

All right, beautiful woman! Thanks so much for being here and part of this community.

We appreciate your presence so much, and are sending so much love your way! <3

Always with love,


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