Seasonal celebration and some sweet Summertime energy ☀️

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Hello, dear ones – sending some sweet Summertime energy your way!

Last Tue. officially marked the Summer Solstice – which, where I’m located in the northern hemisphere, honor the longest day and shortest night of the year.

This seasonal celebration offers us the opportunity to reflect on the themes of igniting our full radiance, and confidence, what lights us up, and what makes us feel most playful and full of joy.

While I mostly support entrepreneurs through the work that I do, I have a couple of different circles/groups that I lead throughout the year – and one of them is the Soulstice Sisterhood – a Bay Area-based in-person women’s + leadership circle that explores seasons, rhythms, cycles, and ritual.

At our most recent Summer Solstice retreat, we explored the idea of embodying the most fully radiant version of ourselves – in our personal lives, businesses, and relationships.

We also discussed the need for integration, pause, rest, and spaciousness during the summer months, (I’m actually currently on a 5-week summer sabbatical – yes I pre-wrote this message!) and we explored some fun summertime rituals that infuse a sense of playfulness and JOY into our long summer days.

Keep reading below for some of the journaling questions we dove into at this retreat – to help you squeeze the most juice and joy out of this season, and wishing you much rest, play, rejuvenation, and full radiance this summer!

Summer Solstice Journaling Questions on embodying your Full Radiance:

  1. What lights me up and makes me feel like my most fully radiant version of myself?
  2. What actions and activities do I engage in that make me feel this way?
  3. In what areas of my life or business do I need a playfulness and radiance boost? (think business or work-life/personal/familial/spiritual)
  1. How can I weave some of what lights me up and makes me feel most playful and radiant into the areas that need a boost?
  2. What would it look like to lead my life fully embodying my full radiance, and what would positively shift and shine if I were to lead my life and business in this way? 
  3. What am I claiming and committing to this summer?
  4. What goals, dreams, and visions would I like to devote myself to for the second half of 2022?
  5. What are my next right-aligned actions or rituals to take?

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