How to infuse more pleasure, joy and freedom into your business…

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Hello beautiful people! 

We’re approaching the ancient Gaelic festival of Beltane, located halfway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice (on 5/1), when we’re in Spring’s fullest expression and inching closer and closer to summer…

Can you feel it?!

This is one of my fave times of the year and celebrates the fertile energy of the earth and the themes of pleasure, creativity, sensuality, and PASSION. 

I talk a lot about creating a fem-forward business model with my clients – one that infuses more pleasure, freedom, creativity, and joy into them…

Because life is too damn short to burn the candle at both ends, to settle for what we don’t actually want, and to just muster through the motions…

This being said, Beltane is such a RIPE time of year to look at our businesses and workflows closely, and get curious about where we can more deeply align with our visions, wants, and desires, and where we can weave in more of this Springlike energy.

Here are some potent, pleasure-focused inquiries for you to ponder, to ignite more joy, flow, and freedom into your heart-centered biz…

Questions to Support Your In Creating a Magnetic, Joy-filled, Pleasure-Based Business:

  1. What brings me joy and ignites a sense of pleasure in my life, and in my business?
  2. How can I weave more of these aspects into my daily life and business?
  3. What do I need to say yes to, and what do I need to say no to in order to prioritize these pieces?
  4. What boundaries do I need to set for myself so that I can experience more pleasure on the daily? 
  5. How would my life be different if I were to prioritize these themes, and what would have the opportunity to shift/open up/expand as a result?
  6. What’s one inspired action I can devote myself to right now for the month of May to infuse more pleasure into my business and day?

All right dear ones, I hope that you’re digging the deep dive into these questions and that they’re supportive for you in creating your fem-forward business model.

I believe it is HIGH time for us, as womxn, to reclaim our seat at the pleasure table – and run our businesses from a place of exquisite enjoyment, without shame!

I hope you’ll join me in this movement, happy full-on Spring, and have a beautiful, pleasure-infused day!

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