A vital tool for releasing overwhelm, boosting energy and inspiring success…

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As womxn, mothers, entrepreneurs, and leaders, we do and give SO DAMN MUCH…

SO many different things and folx want our attention, and at times, it’s enough to drive us bananas.

But, one of the most vital tools that we can utilize to combat overwhelm and inspire success, is setting a strong foundation for our days, and prioritizing our morning routines before we give anything else to anyone else.

I know, I know, especially for you mamas out there, easier said than done – and, I’ll tell you right now, mine got a little askew postpartum…

But, I’m 2 and ½ years into the motherhood journey now, and it recently became crystal clear that it was time to re-prioritize mine and make some serious refinements.

For me, I noticed I was staying up WAY too late (night owl over here), getting up too late (I’ve been privileged to have a partner who’s gotten up at 6 am with Quintin ever since he was 6 days old, and let me sleep- thanks Dave!), and because the movement wasn’t happening first thing, it would sometimes get shoved to the backburner…

And, all of this was making me feel lethargic, sluggish, and falling more frequently into that overwhelmed state.

Here’s what my refined morning routine looks like now:

  • Set my alarm for a 7:30 am wake-up.
  • Pull out my Sitting Matters cushion and rock a short meditation and breathwork practice until the snooze alarm goes off.
  • Gently stretch my body to standing as I set my “theme of the day”, grab a green juice, say a quick hi to the boys, and pop on my running shoes.
  • Either hit the country road I live on for a 30 min run/walk followed by some lightweight training, or rock one of my gal pal Erin Stutland’s online workouts (complete with mantras and positive affirmations) on her membership site, The Movement.
  • Make some warm lemon water and finish my morning routine with a Jamiroquoii dance party with Q.
  • Pour myself a nice cuppa Joe as a reward, feeling like a million bucks!

Prioritizing my new routine in this way has been a HUGE energetic shift for me, and in just a few short weeks I have SO much more energy to give and access throughout my day.

This is about centering super high vibe activities at the very top of the day, and setting a strong FOUNDATION so that I can give to my family, business, and community in a greater way – and so that I can feel good and grounded in my body, too.

So what about you? Are you digging your morning routine, or does it need a spring freshening?

If the answer is yes to the later, here are some powerful questions.

6 Questions for Refining your Queen Morning Routine:

  • How would I like to feel this Spring Season? What is my theme for Spring?
  • What needs to be updated, added, or taken away from my current morning routine so that I can embody that feeling?
  • What boundaries do I need to set so that I stick with my routine? 
  • Who can hold me accountable?
  • What will positively shift in my life, leadership, and business when I prioritize my morning routine in this way?
  • What’s my next right action to take?

All right, friends, I hope this inspires you to give your morning routine an uplift, and feel free to share your intentions in the comments below. I hope you have a sweet rest of your day and sending lots of love your way! 




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