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Hello beautiful community,

Happy Halloween, Día De Los Muertos, and Season of Samhain (pronounced Sow-in, and Gaelic for meaning “Summer’s End”) dear souls!

This is the time of year when the spirit and magic realms are thin – allowing for us to connect more deeply with our ancestors and the magic and mystery all around us.

It’s also a time of acknowledging the dying and completion of a year and honoring the inward turn.

And, while there’s oftentimes resistance to this spoke of the year’s cycle – death, closure, release, and shifting into hibernation creates the restoration needed to cultivate new beginnings or a new cycle ahead.

Here’s a beautiful quote that I so resonate with that has supported me in understanding the value of this season:

“Descent into the dark is an inevitable and necessary part of the cycle. To resist the times and lessons of the darkness is to be in resistance to the whole cycle because the whole cannot function without this part.” ~ Jane Meredith

This is also a time that focuses on the theme of surrender, letting go, and trusting the process.

The truth is, SO MUCH TRUST is required of us as entrepreneurs – especially right now, at this time in history, with the global pandemic that we’ve been navigating for over a year and a half. 

So while action is a huge part of our success, and is how many things get done and accomplished in the world, just as important is embracing a level of receptivity, surrender, letting go, and trusting the process. 

Easier said than done of course, but right now, at this moment of the year, that’s the invitation that nature is providing for us…to let go, surrender and trust. 

Journaling Questions on Surrendering, Letting Go, and Trusting the Process:

  1. What are you holding onto that needs to be released, let go of and surrendered so that you can fully step into the vision that you want and see for yourself and your mission-driven business? 

    2. What are you ready to stop carrying around and to release to the earth so that she can compost that into useful, creative fuel? This could be an old outdated belief, habit, pattern or action that you’re ready to let go of.

    3. How specifically would you like to release it? Perhaps it’s through getting the support of a coach, guide or therapist, reading a book on the subject you’ve been struggling with, getting the support of a buddy or friend, or setting strong boundaries around the subject at hand.

   4. When you release these outdated thought processes, what does this open up for you? What possibilities are created from that space of release?

     5. Take a moment to declare this release, and YES these possibilities… CLAIM them, own them, and take a deep breath into these new possibilities as if they were already true, and as if they have always been true. Begin to embody that truth now.


All right beautiful souls, really great work! I hope that you’ve enjoyed these questions and that you relish in the magic of the restorative season ahead!




P.S. I’m so excited to share that I’ll be hosting 2 of my incredible client’s work here at my retreat space (newly named The Gathering Ground) on Sat 11/6. It’s a spoken word & performance incubator salon, showcasing local written work that’s longing to live beyond the page! Da Salon is fostering a more dynamic way to the workshop, where YOUR presence catalyzes the evolution of the work, and the lonely work of writing is made less lonely by putting it at the center of a creative gathering. After the workshop-style performance, an artsy happy hour will take place featuring Groove Wines, snacks, and loads of creative inspiration. I’m so looking forward to this and to having you there. Grab a ticket before they’re gone (space is limited) at this link HERE, and we look forward to seeing you soon! <3

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