How to deepen your self-assurance and sense of self-trust…

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Last week I started sharing a 3 Step process I taught in the Uninhibited Mastermind earlier this year on strengthening your intuition.

This process will support you in rewiring any residual fear and doubt that you may be experiencing on your entrepreneurial/leadership journey so that you can step forward for your business with strength, ground and grace.

When we connect more deeply with our intuitive side we not only rewire fear and doubt, but we also begin to cultivate a deep sense of self-trust and self-assurance on our business and leadership paths, which is elemental in moving our passion projects forward. 

The process isn’t always easy, but necessary to our growth and ability to manifest our visions and dreams – and gets easier and more intuitive with practice and over time.

Answer the questions below on how to strengthen your self-assurance and self-trust:

  1.   What does the word trust mean to you?
  1.   What elements of your unique version of this concept of trust are you ready to claim and call upon so that you can step more powerfully into yourself as an Uninhibited Queen Leader?
  2.   What areas of your process as a business owner, facilitator or space holder are you ready to trust in a more empowered way?
  3.   When you weave those elements of trust into your process, what will positively shift for you in your business and/or leadership? 
  4. How will that aid in your passion projects, visions and dreams being manifested?

Alright dear ones, I hope you’re enjoying this process of strengthening your intuition and I’ll be back next week with the final step!

Always with love, 

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