Burnout can happen to any business owner – and my fave practices to avoid it…

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I was talking to a client earlier today about the concept of burnout and was reminded of how MUCH I pushed and how HARD I tried when I first started my business.

I found myself night after night glued to my computer screen, staying up till 2 AM and working 12+ hour days. 

There was a part of me that was almost getting off on the fact that I was so busy – it made me feel important and like I had finally found my calling…

But the truth was that I was going about running my business in a way that was COMPLETELY out of alignment for me and my body’s needs.

Not only was I burning the candle at both ends, but I had also cut myself off from my self-care, my pleasure, my joy, and that which makes me feel most self-expressed – movement and dance. 

And, ultimately this was burning me out big time, AND stunting the growth of my heart-driven business.

And I truly don’t want this for you friend.

Keep reading for some of my favorite tools to avoid burnout and how to adopt a freedom-focused, sustainable business model, long-term.

6 Steps for Avoiding Burnout and Adopting a Freedom-Focused Business Model:

1. Slow Down, Pause, Breathe. When you feel yourself pushing or striving too hard, experiencing writer’s block or getting stuck on a project, slow down, pause, breathe. Extract yourself from your desk and get yourself out into nature. The shift of perspective will inspire fresh energy and inspiration.

2. Ignite Joy, Pleasure and Creativity: Ask yourself, what ignites my sense of joy, creativity, pleasure and passion? Then begin to get curious about how you can infuse more of those things into your daily routine and fem-forward business model.

3. Ramp up Your Self-Care Routine. I know it can oftentimes feel like we have NO time for self-care, AND this is the very piece that will seriously save you from experiencing burnout. ESPECIALLY during launches, devote yourself more frequently to saying no to Netflix (although I believe this can totally be a form of self-care in moderation!) and create more space for salt baths, self-massage, mini yoga practices and meditation.

4. Build in Booty Breaks. One of my all time fave practices for avoiding burnout is to set a timer to get up offa my buns every 30-60 minutes and move my body by rocking out a short and sweet #middaybootybreak . Get ready to experience a boost of energy and a major hit of inspiration after the prioritization of this piece!

5. Invest in a Standing Desk. This has been a game-changer for my body and my energy levels throughout my work days – and many standing desks have built in timers for reminding you to stand and sit. Movement is medicine and is a surefire way to ward off burnout, so I definitely encourage you to make the move and invest in one of these for your at home office.

6. Adopt a Euro-Style Business Model. Last year it REALLY sunk in that I actually get to run my business in a way that supports my health and well-being long term, and ignites a sense of freedom and flow. This year, I’ve decided to take a month off in both Summer and Winter and infuse a weeklong Spring and Fall break into my biz model. I’m actually just about to sign off for my Spring Break and celebrate my birthday next week, and will be relishing in a powerful and celebratory reset! <3

All right dear ones, I hope this message inspires you to weave some of these burnout sidestepping practices into your businesses for long term sustainability – and sending so much love your way!

Always with love,




P.S. Please note that since ABC will be observing our Spring Break next week, we’ll be pausing from publishing a blog post as well – we’ll come back the week after next for some new and fresh hits of inspiration for you. <3

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