Happy International Women’s Day, Badass Uninhibited Women. ❤

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Happy International Women’s Day, Badass Uninhibited Women. ❤

I want to take a moment to celebrate each and every one of you in this community for the righteous brilliance that lives inside of you – and to take a moment to celebrate and honor ALL self-identified womxn from all walks of life, all across the world.
We’re in a powerful time of reclaiming the feminine, both on a systemic level, as well as in how we do business.
We’re being called to fully EMBODY our innate creative power, and build businesses that inspire freedom, flow, pleasure and joy – and to lead our heart-centered missions and lives from a more fem-focused perspective.
And here’s the truth: We get to rewire the limiting belief that we have to keep doing business and living our lives like the crusty old patriarchy has instilled in us…in a way that pushes/strives/works too hard – burning the candle at both ends, and in a way that results in pushing our SOUL’S hope/dreams/visions to the back burner, and has us feeling dull, frazzled and burned out.
It’s time to say F that noise! We’re gonna do it a woman’s way.
This is a day of honoring those fierce babes who’ve come before us, our ancestors and forbears who helped pave and carve the path for us – who’ve opened the door for us for more freedom, choices and opportunity.
And it’s a day to celebrate YOU – for the way you’re all showing up and serving your communities.
For your devotion to your mission and craft – and for believing in yourself and having the courage to take that next right action, even if you don’t feel like it and you want to throw the freaking towel in.
I salute you. And I salute me too…for all of our collective heart-driven efforts.
And remember, we’re just getting this party started. We’ve made great progress, but we’ve got much more work to do. We are SO much stronger together, and together we’re unstoppable in building a more just and equitable world for all!
So today, and every single day, lift your sisters up. Call them, write them, text them, and let them know you care. That you see them, that you honor them and that you know that they’re magic!
Happy International Women’s Day beautiful soul,

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