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Hello, dear community!

It’s a new dawn, a new day and a new freaking year (hallelujah) – complete with a new president and our very first ever WOC madam vice president (hell yes!), and despite the very real hardships of the pandemic, I’m feeling freaking inspired and hopeful after Wednesday’s inauguration festivities.

And while this change is exciting, there is SO much more work to be done…

Something that feels blatantly clear, is that it’s HIGH TIME for more, and more and more of the heart-focused womxn change-agents and entrepreneurs of the world, to make more $$$.

To stop stressing out about their finances, and instead, devise a clear action plan to build wealth so that they can live the kind of life they want to live, make the kind of decisions they want to make, and create the kind of impact they want to create.

The great Dalai Lama said “The World Will Be Saved by the Western Woman.”

And I believe it’s WAY easier to create that change with more Ben’s in your pocketbook.

That being said, I’ve decided to hold a free workshop next week called RISE & THRIVE 2021 – 5 Queen Actions to Build Wealth, Time Freedom and a Booming Business in any economic climate.

CLICK HERE to join us for this FREE & literally LIFE ALTERING online event.

Together as a strong community, we’ll release 2020, set strong financial stretch goals for your biz in the new year, and dance a soul-filled celebration into 2021!

In the 75 min training, you’ll also learn to:

  • Devise a clear plan of action on how to reach your financial goals.
  • Release any current challenging or negative feelings around $.
  • Create a positive and powerful relationship with your finances.
  • Craft a “mini leap” action plan to bring in immediate income.

And, as always, there will be a mini dance jam too.

CLICK HERE to save your space for this game-changing FREE online event.

I hope you’ll join us! It’s gonna be a BLAST, and I’m so stoked to rock this out with you, along with our global community of righteous change-making babes.

Always with love,




P.S. To RSVP and secure your spot, kindly go HERE.

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