Winter Solstice Reflections + 2021 Visioning Q’s for you… <3

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An Oldie But Goodie For You – Repurposed Winter Solstice Reflections <3

Happy Holidays and Winter Solstice dear Community!​

To be clear, I’m on break at the moment but pre-wrote and repurposed an old email to share with you for the Solstice!

As we dive deeper into the winter season, I encourage you to utilize this time to set strong boundaries for yourself…​

Be mindful of what you’re showing up and saying yes to, and allow yourself to hibernate and heal.​

This is also a potent time to reflect on this past year – to notice this growth and lessons that have unfolded for us…

Here are some Winter Solstice journaling q’s that I recently explored with the babes of the 2020 mastermind for you to play with:

  1. Reflect on what has come to fruition this year, even though it’s absolutely not looked anything like we thought it would – what would you like to honor?
  2. What have been your deepest lessons/revelations from 2020? (personal life, work/business, wellbeing, relationships and covid?)
  3. What are the gems/pieces you’d like to savor from this year? Essentially, the diamonds in the rough?
  4. What are you saying yes to and birthing into the world in 2021?
  5. What is your word or phrase of the coming year ahead?
  6. Fire Release: On a piece of paper, write down what you’d like to release from 2020 (fears/doubt/challenges/limiting beliefs). Wrap it up with herbs like pine and rosemary and release into your fireplace…watch them burn away and transform into something new.
  7. Write your word of the year on something beautiful (on a glass/wooden ornament, evergreen tree stump or stone) and place it on your winter altar. Work with it throughout 2021 as you commit to your growth in the year ahead.

Also, we do have just a few spaces left in our 2021 Uninhibited Mastermind Circle. If you’re a change-making ladypreneur or leader, and you have the desire to create more financial abundance, cycle your work up sustainably with the seasons, elevate your impact and be supported in a community of STELLAR women, we’d love to explore the possibility of you joining our circle. Visit for more info and to apply – and at the top of the year, you and I can hop on the phone to explore the possibilities!

Regardless, I invite you to create a little unplanned “blank space” for yourself to honor all of your accomplishments from 2020… there are so so many, even if we don’t think it at times!

Lastly, I want to thank you SO much for being a part of this community this year – please know I’m wishing you a very healthy, peaceful and restorative holiday season, and a thriving new year ahead. <3

Sending SO much love and deep gratitude your way,




P.S. I don’t know about you, but I can feel a sense of hope for 2021 on the horizon, and with that said, we have the opportunity to create some serious positive impact, both for our immediate and extended communities. If you want to expand your business and leadership in the new year, visit . We’d love to make the change we want to see in the world, with you!

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