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Hello, dear community,

Wow, wow, wow…what a week, right?

First off I want to acknowledge the intensity of this election, and to take a moment to honor all of you in this community and all of the feelings that have been coming up for you this week…

I imagine, that like what’s been coming up for me, you’ve been experiencing so many different emotions – hope, possibility, fear, doubt, excitement, concern, etc…and it’s A LOT to process.

With that said, I invite us ALL to take really good care of ourselves right now – ramp up the self-care, get good rest and take time out for self-nurturing and nourishing in a major way.

I’ve also been thinking about how an election can raise tension and conflict – which gets me thinking about the 8th Queen Mindset of my eBook, 11 Core Confidence Boosting Mindsets of an Uninhibited Business QUEEN – “Reply with Ground vs. Emotionally Reacting when challenges come your way.”

Here’s a deeper dive into this important Queen Mindset:

“An Uninhibited QUEEN Replies with Ground vs. Emotionally Reacting when challenges and obstacles come her way.

When presented with a challenge, she takes a moment to sit with the discomfort of it. She allows herself to feel ALL the feels around it – the anger, frustration, worry, uncertainty, etc.

Then, an Uninhibited Queen identifies the lesson or learning that’s coming through from the challenge, and engages in release work around the feeling that’s coming up.

From that space she’s better able to respond to the situation from a more grounded space, rather than emotionally reacting to the circumstance with surface based feelings.

Let’s get real…this is a tough one (especially for a double firey Aries like me), but one that’s so important to hone in and cultivate on our paths of heart-centered leadership.

What we’re exploring here give ourselves the gift of space and breathing room so that we can respond vs reacting when someone says or does something we don’t like or agree with, or when something uncomfortable comes into our radar.

This is all about feeling the feelings that are coming up for you, getting some perspective on the issue, releasing the emotions that aren’t serving you and seeing if there’s a silver lining so that you can respond from a more supportive space.

This also goes for tensions that might come up with friends or family members around the political climate, or with difficult team members, clients or students if you’re running a business.

One of the practices that I love sharing with my clients around this is to have a “Clearing Conversation” so that you can clean the slate, start fresh or gain clarity around how to gently move on.

Here’s a simple yet powerful framework for how to have a power clearing conversation, from a grounded space of Queen responsiveness:

Step 1 Get Some Perspective – Allow yourself some space and time to simmer down before you request to have the clearing convo. Release what you can release energetically and avoid having the convo if you’re still SUPER heated.

Step 2 – Ask to Have a Conversation – When you’re ready, request to have the conversation. Let the person know you’d love to share some things that have been coming up for you around your relationship and see if they’d be open to having an open conversation together.

Step 3 – Take Ownership of What You Can – Start the conversation with what YOU yourself can personally take ownership of vs blaming or shaming the other person. This allows for whomever you’re speaking with to feel safe to share, and invites them to take ownership of their piece as well.

Step 4 – Ask for Their Take on the Matter – Once you’ve shared, ask them how that lands or resonates, and ask them what they might have to add or share. This usually results in them taking ownership of their part in the conflict, and from this space, the healing can begin.

Step 5 – Thank The Person for Their Perspective and Time – It takes courage to take ownership of your part in a conflict, and by thanking your counterpart you open up space for common ground to become clear and new possibilities to be revealed.

Of course this may not work for every single relationship, and sometimes it’s clear that it’s time to move on. However, I’ve mended/tended many a relationship by utilizing this process, and hope it’s helpful for you as well… Feel free to reach out if you need any additional support on this piece and I’m more than happy to help!

And, now I’d love to hear from you. What’s resonating about this Clearing Conversation process? Please share with our supportive community in the comments below.

Thank you so much for being here, for continuing to show up amongst the discomfort, and for being you!


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