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Hello, dear community!

As I mentioned last week, we’re in a big growth phase here at Ashley Burnett + Co, and with that expansion, you can expect a high content email in your inbox from me once a week moving forward.

Last week I also shared that we just released my new eBook entitled, 11 Core Confidence Boosting Mindsets of an Uninhibited Business QUEEN, and have received some stellar response!

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Over the course of the next couple of months, I’m gonna break these core mindsets down one by one, and take their teachings and lessons to the next level for you.

So let’s dive into the first mindset!


An Uninhibited Queen knows what she stands for and lives by her mission and BIG WHY in life.

She knows that not only is her WHY the reason that her community is learning from and buying from her, but also, that it’s the core foundation to her leadership and her business.

An Uninhibited Queen embodies her mission with integrity and alignment, and when fear and doubt creep into her radar (which they most certainly will along the entrepreneurial path!), she returns to her why time and time again to anchor and guide her.

She lets her mission be her driving force – to support her, and carry her big picture vision through. Her Uninhibited Queen mantra is “Let Your Mission move you.

I absolutely LOVE this mindset and it’s SO freaking important for each of us to look at as we dive deeper into ourselves as thought leaders.

When I work with my business mastermind clients, the first thing I have them do is to answer a set of questions to help them to build out their beliefs.

This helps them set a strong foundation for the mission of their business, clarify their brand, uncover their programs and offerings, and provides them with an endless copy to share on their socials.

You can begin by answering these questions with words and phrases, and then I invite you to craft them into the form of “I Believe” or “I Stand For Statements”. Try not to overthink it and just let the thoughts come naturally.

  1. What do you take a strong stand for?
  2. What gets you super lit up and JAZZED to share with your community?
  3. Why do you feel compelled to do what you do?
  4. What do you believe in DEEP within your bones without a shadow of a doubt?
  5. What are your core values?
  6. What do you see in your industry that gets you riled and revved up to take action?

Look at your list of I believe and I stand for statements and choose the top 3 that deeply resonate for you, and begin crafting it into a mission statement for yourself, your business, and your community at large.

And as I mentioned above, when fear of not being smart enough, or comparison, doubt and uncertainty come up for you along the path, I invite you to come back to these questions, come back to what you stand for, come back to your why let your mission move you forward.

Alright, dear one, now I’d love to hear from you. What are your top 3 beliefs? Please share with us on the comments below. Would love to hear what you have to share!


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