A STELLAR moment to take stock and reactivate your goals for 2020…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

I hope to find you hanging in and getting creative on how to enjoy these last weeks/days of summer during these wild and crazy times…

Believe it or not, we’re at LAMMAS SEASON – the halfway point between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox.



It’s a ripe opportunity for us to take stock, to reassess, to release what’s not working, to clean the slate.

HARD TRUTH – 2020 looks nothing like what we thought it would…amirite?

So to ask questions like “are you on track with what you set out at the top of this year to achieve?” feels a little ridiculous…

At the same time, I want to gently remind you that we CAN absolutely take empowered action towards our goals, vision, and dreams, and we can still absolutely make shit happen.

We dove into some of these questions and a whole lot more at the recent mini Lammas retreat I led for the babes of my Soulstice Sisterhood Mastermind last week.

Many of these women are on track to achieving more in their businesses and personal lives than they even set out to do at the start of the year – myself included – and I know it’s because of the supportive community that they said YES to and committed to being a part of at the top of this year.

It’s absolutely a little bit easier to do the things we’ve set out to do, especially in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, with a little additional guidance and focused support…

I hope these Q’s are helpful for you in shaping the remainder of your year, and that you dig the deep dive into your business, personal life and leadership:

1. What energy would you like to lead with as we move closer towards the season of Fall and the final 5 months of this year?

2. Without judgment, call to mind the goals/visions/dreams you set at the beginning of this year…what’s shifted in light of our current state of affairs? What are you still on track with?

3. From where you’re at right now, what do you want to call in as your aligned vision as we step forward into Autumn?

4. What are the 2-3 FALL projects you’d like to focus on creating?

5. What months of this quarter specifically will these projects take place (Aug, Sept, Oct)?

6. What structures, habits, and activities need to be stripped away in order to make that vision a reality?

7. What steps need to be put in place to move towards your goals? – write all the steps/tasks down, and then break them down monthly, weekly, daily.

8. What next right action or “mini leap” needs to be taken to move you towards this vision?

All right dear ones, I appreciate you for being here, for showing up and saying yes to your vision, goals, and dreams during these unparalleled times. Wishing you so much love and feel free to share some of your vision by sharing in the comments – would love to hear from you!
With so much love and in service,


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