Unpacking my unconscious bias and shining a strong spotlight on my blind spots…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

I don’t know about you, but over these past couple of weeks I’ve heard the call louder and clearer than ever before to take a stronger stand in acknowledging my white fragility and privilege.

I’m actively shining a blaring spotlight on my blind spots…

On my participation in perpetuating a system that my white ancestors created hundreds of years back to dominate and benefit from black people and people of color – and is still being upheld today.

I’m making a commitment to unpack my own unconscious bias – and do the deeper inner work of investigating how I’ve been allowing the cancer of racism to fester and flourish in this country and in the world.

Because if I want to actually see the change, I gotta BE the change.

And I know deep within my bones that this is the strongest action that can be taken by myself as a white woman in leadership, right here right now…to help create a JUST world.

I do not share this in hopes to receive a gold star from you. 

I share this because I believe in real EQUITY for BIPOC’S and for all beings who find themselves in the great mystery of inhabiting this Earth.

And if you find yourself in a role of leadership as well, and you’re white, I believe it’s imperative that you do your own personal anti-racism work too.

Here are some actions that I’m currently taking, and I invite you to join me:

  • Begun diving into the workbook Me, and White Supremacy – physical book is currently sold out everywhere, but still available on Audible.
  • Placed an order for the book White Fragility – also sold out, but also available on Audible.
  • Signed up for Rachel Rodgers Town Hall happening virtually Thursday on how to commit to building an equitable, anti-racist business.
  • Signed up for Trudi Labron’s Show up and Serve for White Coaches workshop.
  • Beginning the interview process of hiring a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coach for my business, as when we further diversify this community, the experience and outcomes will be better and more transformational for everyone – and more just and impactful change can be created from that space.
  • Donated to the Loveland Foundation – offering therapy, health and healing practices to communities of color – particularly black women and girls. 
  • Featuring anti-racism resources and actions to take on my Social Media platforms.
  • Forming an anti-racism book club/discussion group with a small group of local friends.

Is it enough? No…but it is a place to continue the work for the long haul from.

I recognize that this is absolutely NOT a sprint to the finish line of becoming awakened and anti-racist. It’s a lifetime marathon of unpacking and rewiring centuries of deep conditioning.

And I’m sharing this all with you so that you’re clear as a participant in this community, where I stand.

My hope is that collectively, we’ll wake up, hear the call and get out there and do what’s right.

My wish is we’ll humble ourselves enough to dive inward and do the deep uncomfortable inner work to become a more effective and integrous leader…and as Layla F. Saad shares in her book Me and White Supremacy, to become a good ancestor.

And my prayer is that maybe, just maybe, my 10 month old son Quintin will grow up in a world where this conversation is being had and this work is being taught in our school systems, so that the deep healing can REALLY take place. 

Feel free to share your thoughts and what you’re doing to take action, I’m here and ready to dive deeper into the conversation. <3

And as always, I’m sending you love, wishing you well and sending prayers for a safe, healthy and soul-centered summer ahead,

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