Happy Spring Equinox!

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Yesterday, I threw on my rain coat and boots, and made a point to go say hello to all the beautiful flowers and flowering trees in my yard – they seemed super stoked that Spring is officially here!

Spring is a time of so much playful energy and excitement – of newness, fresh energy and perspective, and vibrancy. It’s also a time of rawness, realness and vulnerability – we can feel A LOT of different emotions at this time of year, and is a powerful time to welcome all of the feelings…

Last Thursday I hosted our Solstice Sisterhood Spring Equinox Retreat in person here at The Barn – and for the our women in the virtual track, online on Friday – to ring in this exciting and fresh time of year. We explored in depth the theme of what it is that we’re nurturing during this season of Spring – expanding on the intentions and seeds we began to plant on our first Wheel of the Year gathering on Imbolc.

We explored these themes through meditation, dance, sound healing, journaling, and then sealed our intentions in through painting and glittering beautiful hollowed out eggs to place our Spring altars, and I wanted to share some ritual ideas with you as well. <3

As you drop into your evening tonight and welcome in Spring this week – I invite you to choose one of these Ritual ideas to dive into, and spend some time with your journal answering the questions below.

Spring Equinox Ritual Ideas for Tonight/This Week:

  • Hollow out/blow eggs to paint, glitter, or write words/blessings/intentions on
  • Dye hard boiled eggs
  • Dare to try something creative you’ve been meaning to try – new and fresh!
  • Create a Spring Altar filled with fresh flowers, decorated eggs, feathers, crystals, candles – and lots of pastels. <3

Journaling Questions To Consider:

  1. What are you placing your intention on to nurture during this season of spring?
  2. What are the current ways that you’re beginning (or that you can begin) to nurture that intention, and what could use refinement?
  3. How can infuse fresh energy and perspective into what it is that you’re nurturing or creating this spring?
  4. How can the Beginner’s Mind be useful in this process? (fresh perspective, excitement, young self, JOY & FUN?)
  5. What is the next aligned right action to take, and what are 1-2 rituals you can create for yourself that excite you around what it is that you’re nurturing this spring?

Enjoy the newness and freshness of this season, the turning of the Wheel and diving these inquiries later this eve or this week.

May our hearts heal and nourish with the newness of Spring!


P.S. We’re gearing up for a co-ed Earth Day Restorative Day Retreat here at The Barn on 4/22 – think meditation, movement, herb walk + harvesting, Seasonal Spring Lunch, DIY herbal potions, and herb inspired mocktails + local Mead tasting. The event will happen from 10-330, so plenty of time to hit up a winery or two on your way home, or make a weekend trip out of it. Let us know if you’re interested in this event (it will most likely sell out) – email me at and we’ll send you all the details! <3


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