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Hello dear ones!

I’m SO loving the chilly weather and change of season right now, and I’m SUPER excited about starting my beloved Uninhibited Leadership Program next week!

If you’ve been curious about learning more about this life-altering business and leadership building experience, here’s a short video I made for you with more info about the program, and scenes from the beautiful land where we hold our in-person retreats:

Uninhibited Leadership Program

If you’ve been considering this program or getting support to grow your business, I’d be honored to speak with you more in depth, and you can apply for a conversation with me HERE.

And here’s what I’ll say about the results of many of the women who’ve participated in ULP in the past:

These heart-centric women are now standing fully embodied in their radiant Queen energy, fiercely confident while leading their communities.

They’re bringing in more abundance than ever before, while making a larger positive impact in the world.

They’re experiencing an undeniable belief in their ability to do their good work – they’ve released perfectionism and any limiting beliefs around not being smart enough or good enough, and they are truly letting LOVE lead.

And they’re experiencing more pleasure, more self-care, more time, more JOY – and they’re learning to have a freaking blast, in a supportive community while running their mission-driven businesses…

If you are even a little bit curious about what it would be like to be part of this transformational program (and to be fiercely supported and guided by me and this amazing group of women), I invite you to hop on the phone with me to talk about your business vision, goals and dreams for 2018.

Visit for more info and to apply.

Sending SO much love your way and looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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