Conversations On Expansion, Contraction and Not Backing Down…

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Hello dearest community!

I’m back from my incredible HUNA training in Hawaii,


Completed this past Sunday with my beloved Unleash Retreat,


And excited to share with you something that’s been on my mind over the past few days…

The truth that with every period of expansion in one’s life, typically a period of contraction follows. 

Many of us feel that if after the life-altering retreat, training, trip, launch or performance, we feel a dip in energy, that somehow we’ve done something wrong, haven’t learned anything, and are inevitably back to square one.

Au contraire.

In this video, I talk about the normalities of falling back and going inward after big periods of expansion – the importance of grasping this reality in our own individual journeys as change-makers, and on a collective, global level as well.

I had to learn this the hard way when I was performing back in the day, falling into long periods of “post-show” depression with no understanding of the normality of that cycle. Shining light on this piece has helped me move through periods of let down and grief more fully, more quickly, and with a sense of fierce grace.

I also talk about the importance of not backing down or throwing the towel in, and remembering our MISSION, even when the going gets rough.

Conversations On Expansion, Contraction and Not Backing Down...

Once you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear the answer to this question:

What’s your favorite way to embrace the contraction/constriction period after a big push or transformative period? We invite you to leave a comment below.

Thank you for being here in this community, for reading, watching and allowing me to share these insights with you… it means the world. <3

With deep love and gratitude,

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