The Most Efficient Shortcut to Banish Stress + Ceremonial Dance Jam

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

So much Summertime goodness happening over here – one exciting celebration has been the public launch of the Strong Body Love Method – the ceremonial dance class that I’ve been in development of over the past year.

Spring Dance Party

I’ve been leading this movement experience at my Women’s Leadership Retreats, and it was finally time to branch out and share it around the greater Bay Area and beyond – with people of ALL genders, and folks from all walks and paths.

As I’ve been preparing for this launch, I’ve been thinking a lot about the BODY – how it’s TRULY our temple on this Earth, and one of the most efficient shortcuts to move through fear, anxiety, stress and self-doubt.

But so many of us, find ourselves disconnected from our bodies – uncomfortable in our own skin in the tech-driven age.

The Strong Body Love Method is really about reconnecting in deeply with our bodies and to the truth of who we are through meditation, music, guided freeform dance and healing sound.

It’s about releasing stuck energy, reigniting creative expression within, and letting our freak flags fly – cause when we come back home to ourselves in this way, we feel a deep sense of center, and SO much more connected with our internal power, our leadership, and with the whole of existence.

That being said, for those of you that live in the Bay Area, I invite you to join us tomorrow night, Thursday 8/10 at The dhyana Center in Sebastopol from 7-9 pm for a SACRED & SOULFUL eve where we’ll come together, DANCE it out and remember the TRUTH of who we are through movement.

– We GATHER together in circle.

– We GROUND through meditation.

– We OPEN up the body through breath work and a gentle yoga flow.

– We RELEASE old stories through a guided free-form dance experience through the chakras.

– We SEAL it in with a sacred sound healing bath by my dear friend Lucia Lilikoi to enliven all senses.

…AND we rock the whole experience out with my SOUL sista, Maya Dorn aka DJ Ladyfinger. <3

I’ll look so forward to seeing those of you who can make it – would be honored to sit in circle and dance it out with you. The experience is open to people of all genders, and no dance background is necessary to attend.

Sending so much love your way, continuing to send Summertime wishes to you, and hope to see you in the flesh soon! 

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