Tune OUT of the external noise and into your internal wisdom…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

In more recent weeks I’ve made a choice to tune out of the external noise around our political climate, and slow down, go inward and commit to personal healing on a deeper level.

As a highly empathic person, the past few months have felt heavy and draining – weighing on me a bit. And as someone who frequently holds space for women in person in the Bay Area, and virtually on a global scale, I know that if I continue to tune into the chatter of the media and social media daily, that ultimately this won’t be of highest service to myself or my community at large.

In addition to the slowing down and tuning inward, I’m actively choosing right now to be in deep gratitude for this life – for all that I’ve worked so hard to self-cultivate and develop over the years, as well as give thanks for the pieces that I’ve been given.
Ash Bright
I’ve been giving myself permission to feel a sense of JOY and pleasure in each moment, even if some of those moments feel slightly edgy and uncomfortable for me.
And I know that the more that I can truly claim and feel and exude this, that it will give others permission to do the same…because we are all bright, we are all reflections of each other, and we all have the capacity to fly high in this life, but we’ve gotta CHOOSE to not fall into victimhood and disempowerment.
That’s why I’ve been called to Hawaii (leaving this Friday…stoked!) for a HUNA higher consciousness training – where I’ll be diving into working with the elements, and learning advanced energy clearing techniques and the traditional shamanic practices of the Hawaiian Islands…can’t wait to bring this wisdom back to you all. :)
To me, right now this is the most important action for me to take – to clear my own vessel so that I can show up with integrity and dignity for myself and my peeps.
For me it may not look like standing out on the front lines, but I know this is what is being called of me at this time – and it’s freeing to trust that this is enough.
So what it is it for you? How do you want to show up as we emerge out of the darkness? And how do you want to feel on a daily basis as we enter the brilliance of Spring? Let’s here it on the comments below.
Remember friends, you get to do you in this process of life. You do YOU.
With love always,

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