5 steps to PURIFY your life and create more PLEASURE in you business…

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This past month I’ve been working with the themes of Purification and planting seeds of Trust during times of uncertainty… inspired by the first Soulstice Sisterhood gathering we held on Feb 2nd.

Altar SS

Historically, at this time of year, humanity put their faith in things they were unsure would manifest, such as a good harvest – and this is the time of year when we can begin to see the first buds of Spring emerging.

Here’s the definition of Purification: “The process of making something spiritually or ceremonially clean.” 

When we talk about purification, we’re not talking necessarily of getting rid of something, or burning something away, but rather to clean slate, to start fresh, to bring ritual and spirituality into the mundane tasks of our daily lives…

For example, if you’re not digging spending time on FB or Insta, but you know you need to be active there for your business, how can you make the time you spend there most productive, most pleasurable and most pure?

If you don’t love looking at your finances, how can you bring more spirituality and fun into the $ process? I.e. perhaps you create a sacred Money Love Date with yourself once a week – a ritual where you light a candle, pour some tea, play your favorite tunes, get some essential oils in the mix and bust out the chocolate as you look at your finances with empowered compassion.

With that in mind, here are some of the questions that I’ve been pondering around purifying what feels out of alignment…

1. What are the daily distractors that I engage in my day-to-day that contribute to contaminating my body/mind/spirit?

2. How are these distractions affecting my ability to show up fully in service to my community and keeping me from creating flow in my life?

3. What does it feel like to move through my life with these distractions weighing me down?

4. How would it feel like to move through my life if I purified some of these distractions? (remember this doesn’t mean completely burning these distractors away, but rather to make them more ceremonially or spiritually clean). :)

5. What are 1-2 areas that I’d like to focus on purifying, and what are 1-2 actions that I could take to purify these areas?

It’s from the space of purification when we can begin to plant the seeds of trust and faith for the months of light ahead. 

I encourage you to spend 5-10 minutes in the next week or two, feeling into these questions, and would love to hear the action you’re planning to take in the comments.

Sending SO much love your way and keep me posted!

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