7 Secret Lessons from the Queen…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

The QUEEN…the fierce archetypal energy that helps us embody ourselves as courageous, confident leaders… She’s coming up BIG TIME for me right now, and I’m slightly obsessed.

When my friend Melissa Riker choreographed a dance piece for me here a few months back, we worked with the Queen, Led Zeppelin and Feathers – an absolute bitchin’ combo. :)

Six weeks ago with my Uninhibited Leadership Program clients, we worked extensively with the Queen energy throughout our 3-day retreat…check these fierce Queens out!

ULP Retreat

In 3 months time at the Unleash Retreat we’ll dive DEEPER into working with The Queen archetype to help us confidently embody our missions, amplify our voices and facilitate groups small and large with strength.

And then I flew out to work with my coach last week, and guess what I did? Initiated myself as QUEEN in the community of my mastermind sisters…literally in a pool, crowned, in our bathing suits…cause even though I’m teaching this stuff to my community, I still have more lessons to learn from her.

More recently, I’ve realized that I’ve been working with this archetypal energy for years now and just didn’t know it. Here are some of my favorite lessons from her that I’d like to share.

7 Secret Lessons from The Queen

1. The Queen fully owns her value and embraces all of her unique skills, life experiences, talents, challenges and everything that makes her who she is. She’s not afraid to weave her uniqueness into her work and let her freak flag fly as she’s changing the world for the better.

2. The Queen sits on her throne, in her confidence, and dares to take up space on stage without questioning her right to take up that space.  She doesn’t question her right to take up space because she knows that when she does, she won’t be taking anything away from you. In fact, quite the contrary happens…she’ll actually be giving you permission to step into your confidence and do the same.

3. The Queen knows she’s not perfect. She’s released the myth of perfectionism – owns her mistakes, cultivates the courage to voice those mistakes, and humbly learns from them.

4. The Queen cares for herself and loves herself, just as much as she cares for and loves others. She values her self-care, practices it fiercely, and works on loving all the parts of who she is…even the dark shadowy parts that scare her at times.

5.  The Queen leads with a winning combination of warmth & compassion, and ground & strength. She leads without ego and doesn’t let her fear/shame/guilt/doubt define her or slow her down from putting herself out there.

6. The Queen is not afraid to speak her truth, and vulnerably uses her voice to create positive social change for the greater good of humanity through the work that she engages in on a daily basis.

7.  And the Queen is a powerhouse and she’s a TOTAL badass.

So I’m curious…what are the 1-2 lessons that resonate most for you, or you’d like to focus on cultivating? Then ask yourself, what are 1-2 small actions that you can take to move yourself towards embracing that lesson or developing that quality more? If it’s that you keep getting stopped dead in your tracks by fear, maybe you vow to do one thing that scares you every single day for the next week…or if it’s self-care, maybe your action is to meditate for 5 minutes first thing in the morning for the next 5 days.

And if you want to go deeper into working with Queen archetypal energy in person, on this sacred land, join us for the Unleash Retreat. The retreat is halfway filled, so if this is calling to you in any way, I encourage you to reach out to me at with the subject line Unleash Retreat and we’ll find a time to hop on the phone together 1-1 to explore it further, no strings attached.

I’m SO excited for this. Queens, Nature, Movement, Ritual Leadership, Dance Parties and Sisterhood…it’s going to be a FREAKING BLAST.

To your Queendom,

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