How to take action when things fall apart…

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I’ve taken the past few days to go inward and FEEL all of the anger, sadness, fear and frustration I’ve felt after hearing Sunday’s news.

And now it’s time for me to speak up…

While feeling and inquiry is important, it’s clear to me that it’s much more painful and frustrating to remain silent – and do nothing.

In moments like these, many of us feel helpless – like our voices don’t matter or that our actions don’t have impact.


Your voice DOES matter.

It’s in these moments when we have the opportunity to RISE together, and build the courage to use our voices for LOVE… to amplify our voices collectively, and create the strength needed for healing this planet. (Click To Tweet)

Now more than ever, this planet needs us – the LIGHT WORKERS, to take bold action.

I know many of us, myself included at times, feel fear to even leave the house and to walk down the street.

But we can’t live like that.

And for those of us that are part of the consciousness evolution/revolution, and are being called to share our missions and voices for positive social change, we must learn to feel the fear and do it anyway.

It is time and the world needs us more than we can comprehend.

Here are a few things you can do to get started…

1. First off, allow yourself to FEEL. Feel your feelings – the frustration, anger, sadness, fear – whatever is coming up for you, rather than numbing out.

2. Next, write it out, talk it out, and give voice to those feelings. Grab your journal, put pen to paper or press record on your phone and speak what’s coming up for you around this issue.

3. Share your thoughts and feelings. Movements and positive changes don’t happen by doing nothing and keeping your beliefs stifled and to yourself. Start with your local community, newsletter community and Social Media and expand from there.

4. Take action. Donate HERE to the Go Fund Me campaign to support the Pulse tragedy victims and their families.

5. Don’t have the extra cash to donate? Teach a donation class or create a fundraiser gathering and raise the money to give back.

6. Sign petitions such as this one. Small actions are better than none.

Above all, take your frustrations and your vision for a different world, and bring that into the work that you do.

Commit to your vision, remember your mission, and get the support you need to get your voice out there in a bigger way.

You are the change-makers, the visionaries, the light-workers and you are part of the movement who will motivate this world to heal.

Your voice matters. All our voices matter.  Now let’s go use them!

With love and deep gratitude,

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