Realigning your values will invite in endless possibility

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I’ve dreamed about this as my permanent backdrop for some time now…


Part of why I made this recent 180 degree move to the country was that the energy of the city and MY energy were not in alignment any longer…and same goes for my man (and let me tell ya, it’s for sure a 180…instead of loads of people we have cows for neighbors, and 10 wild turkeys were roosting in our tree last night!).

The city served me when I was younger—when I was eager for the excitement and the hustle and bustle of a big city.

But as time passed,

I began to feel that energetic shift happening, and I soon realized that that misalignment was affecting my life—and those around me in some subtle and some big, not so great ways.  

As I begin to relax into residing and running my business at this expansive Petaluma country home—completely surrounded by nature, I understand why this sacred space revealed itself so effortlessly to us…

Because David and I are meant to be here to heal, to create, to fully express ourselves and to serve in ways that we didn’t feel able to in the city…and we had to really listen to that.

Allowing yourself to realign with your values strengthens your leadership, service and invites in endless possibility. (Click To Tweet)

Today, I invite you really to feel into your life and see what, if anything, feels misaligned right now.

What feels if it continues to go on as is will stunt your personal growth, the growth of your business and keep you from your fully expressed badass self?

What needs a shift, update or overhaul?  

Heads up, this can be big or small…you don’t have to make a drastic move to reap the rewards of massive change.

Maybe it’s a shift in your thoughts.

Maybe it’s a change in your environment.

Maybe it’s reigniting an old creative passion that you let go out because “life gets so busy”.

I know that last one all too well, and I made a video for you HERE , as I’m committed fully to reignite my creative lifeline—la danse!

I encourage you to take a moment, feel into these questions and take positive and powerful action for change!

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ~ The Alchemist

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