How Commitment Eradicates Fear

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Stepping up to the leadership game isn’t always a cakewalk.  Frustrations, fears and doubts are so normal on this crazy roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship, and at times it feels like we’re not cut out for it or like we wanna give up on our dreams.

I’ve been there often–felt the isolation, stuckness and frustration more times than I can count.  And so many successful women have experienced the “growing pains” of business building as well.

The road less traveled takes courage, patience, perseverance, and vulnerability…4 things that can be very uncomfortable to embrace.

And the journey doesn’t happen over night… I know for many of us it feels like we should have it all figured out by now.  But the truth is that this long ride is gonna go up and down, it’s gonna ebb and flow, it’s gonna take it’s sweet time.

Our patience will be tested and our deepest fears will be faced.

But here’s the truth…you are a deeply powerful and passionate leader, and you’re meant to serve many many people with your great work.


Dealing with and allowing ourselves to move through and dissolve our fears is what makes us strong, fierce and inspires massive growth.

Here are a few tips to accept and move through the frustrations, fears and doubts that come up along the entrepreneurial path…

1.  Remember the Mission – What is your driving why–why did you go into this line of work in the first place?  Perhaps it’s to provide for your family and to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe it’s that you are so deeply connected to your soul’s work that you know you can’t do anything but heal the masses with it and get it out there in a big and bold way, or possibly you’d like to be able to give back in ways that you never could if you weren’t to move forward with your business and vision.  So reconnect to your big why and mission whenever you feel that downswing coming on.

2.  Be Willing To Let Go – Ask yourself what is it that you need to let go of that you’re attached to in order to receive your vision.  Be it a six figure business, being super well known for your life’s work, or giving back in massive ways, what is it that you need to release in order to step forward into that space?

3.  Open Yourself up to Receiving Support – It amazes me how many small business women feel the need to run their businesses and lives completely by themselves…and as a recovering control freak, I totally get it.  But here’s the solid truth…you can’t run a successful business solo.  So check in with yourself and see if you’re willing to receive.  Whether that be in the form of a business coach or mentor, linking up with mastermind sisters or accountability buddies, or hiring a team–receiving support is key to getting out of that negative headspace and moving forward with your great work.

And one last thing…COMMITMENT ERADICATES FEAR.  Recommitting everyday to your vision/mission/big why and trusting the process is key to your success moving forward.  Commit, commit, commit…and then commit again.  You and your work matters, and the world needs you so desperately to make a difference.  TRUST.

Holding your highest vision at the forefront of my mind and sending much love,





ps, if you need a little extra inspiration on connecting to your big why, check out one of my fav Ted Talks of all time, Start With Why by Simon Sinek HERE.

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