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MM Retreat ladies

I just got home from a 3-day retreat that I led last week for my extraordinary Uninhibited Mastermind coaching clients…I’m still on cloud nine to say the least.

This experience has been a 2-year dream in the making and was everything and more that I envisioned it would be…

A few months ago I had no one in this 6-month mastermind program, and no place to hold the first retreat—just a dream.

I committed every single day to holding the space for this expansive location to reveal itself, and for these powerful women—my “soul sister” clients, to step in and say YES.

I began to visualize the full mastermind group back in October when I got really clear that it was TIME to make my dream of leading this group a reality.

I continued to hold my vision while my husband David was severely ill in the hospital a few months back—speaking to a few of the ladies that ended up joining the program while sitting in my car in the hospital parking lot.

And I persisted in holding the vision for the group to be completely filled with 12 deeply aligned women even after the mastermind kick-off call was held a week before the retreat with 11 participants.

We indeed received our dream location—an incredible 5 million dollar property in Bay Area Wine Country, where my husband was building a fence last fall.

AND 5 days before the retreat (the official start of the program), the 12th badass entrepreneurial women stepped into our power crew, completely out of the blue, creating a full group.

So here’s what I want to say to you around Visioning and Manifesting:

Commit to holding the vision of what you desire and see for yourself, EVERY DAY until it comes to fruition.

You can still be deeply connected to the present moment…AND allowing yourself to visualize your desires—in conjunction with taking consistent and persistent action towards your goal, is the recipe for your vision to actualize.

No dream is too big for you or is out of your reach.  Hold tight to your ultimate vision, don’t waiver and DARE to dream big.

And one more thing…I encourage you to be open to receiving support.

During the process of filling my mastermind, I got help from my business coach, MY fellow mastermind sistas, and my accountability buddies and asked them to hold my vision with me as well.

It’s okay to reach out, get help and allow yourself to be supported along the journey.  

And in terms of entrepreneurial guidance, yours truly is here as a resource for you when you need it.  I’m more than happy to hop on the phone with you and hash out a plan of action for you to reach your bold vision.

It’s time to make a COMMITMENT to yourself, your dreams and the people you serve. 

You DESERVE to live life and run your business the way you’ve always imagined, and the people you serve deserve to have the opportunity to receive your support.

Now is the time for your ultimate vision to come to fruition.

To your uninhibited expression,


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