The Less You Look, The More You See…

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Two months ago my sweet husband David was suddenly struck with a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis. A half month’s stay in the hospital, 45 lbs lost and 5 ER visits later, Dave seems to finally be on the mend. Anyone who knows someone with UC or Crohn’s is familiar with how debilitating this crazy illness is, and for those who don’t, let me tell you, it’s no joke.


Despite the challenges, in a strange way both David and I know this experience has been a gift of sorts. It’s called the both of us into a time of deep introspection and reflection about how we are living our lives. There are so many lessons I’m taking away from this process and it has really caused me to take a closer look at my values, what’s important to me, how I want to do business and how NOW is the time to make a real commitment (my word and theme for 2015) to my visions and dreams.

One of the biggest revelations I’ve had is this idea of “the less you look the more you see”. Sitting in the ER witnessing the man you love in serious pain and detereiorating right before your eyes is enough to make this girl learn to cherish the present moment. During these past two months, I’ve gotten clear that expending my energy in areas that don’t serve me is something that I simply don’t have time and space for.

One of those areas for me is social media. So I’ve been taking a much needed and appreciated sabbatical from SM overuse and AAAHHHHhhh, it’s been refreshing indeed.

With this break it only deepened my understanding of the idea of “the less you look the more you see.” That the more we look outside of ourselves for the answers, and allow ourselves to get sucked into the social media vortex, the more confused we get about who we truly are–making it nearly impossible to authentically be our uninhibited, unique selves. And the more we do this, the more we give our power away to others and the less we have for ourselves, our loved ones and the people we serve.

So my challenge to you for the start of this year, is to consider taking a Social Media Detox for a week and see what shifts occur. If you have to get on FB to post something for your upcoming launch, do it, but then get the hell off. I’m not saying you have to crawl inside yourself like a hermit, but what if you made a COMMITMENT to yourself to only expend the necessary energy on those–at many times–energy sucking platforms? How much additional energy, space and time would you have for everyone and everything else? How much more PRESENCE would you would bring to the moment at hand? How much more power you would give to your extraordinary self, and what would that get to open up for you in your business and life?

Questions for you to ponder… Looking forward to serving you this coming year and bowing down with gratitude for your being here.

Always with LOVE,


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