The Power of Supported Community.

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Hey Dear Friends,

I just got home from a business coaching retreat in Charlotte with my coach and 13 other gorgeous entrepreneurial women whom she’s coaching privately. It felt so good to be held by a loving coach and other like-minded women who are on this vulnerable path of entrepreneurship alongside me…I literally felt myself deepening my commitment to my great work and mission as I spent 3 transformational days breaking my heart open and workshopping with these powerful women.

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I’m also leading my first urban renewal day retreat here today in San Francisco called Replenish SF with 23 Bay Area entrepreneurial beauties…

I feel so much gratitude to have these two strong communities to share my crazy solopreneur adventures with, and extremely blessed to reconnect with what author Gay Hendricks calls my “Zone of Genius”—that thing in your life that doesn’t feel like work, where time just flows… For me I truly feel my Zone of Genius is in the creation and facilitation of gorgeous, inspiring, LIVE experiential events, and bringing people together in supported community.

During my 12-year journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve created over 30 successful live events and over 20 virtual experiences as a performing artist, jewelry designer and coach. Over the last few months it’s become blaringly obvious that I’m meant to be holding the space in this powerful way for entrepreneurs to come together in supported community, to workshop and deeply transform their fears into action–and help them build the courage and confidence to share their life’s work on a much larger scale than they’re used to.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to spend any time behind the computer or coaching my clients over the phone–which I do deeply enjoy, but it also means that I won’t be spending the MAJORITY of my days camping out in my apartment when in person and in community is where my genius lies. So be on the lookout soon on you can join in on some of the in person experiential action. :)

Solopreneurship can get lonely sometimes am I right? You took the big leap into being your own boss because you wanted to change lives for the better and experience freedom in your business. Meanwhile you’re finding yourself spending A LOT of time secluded, behind your computer, solo…sound familiar? This really isn’t why you went into business for yourself—staying up too late figuring out how to build your own website, and not interacting with a single physical human being during your 12 hour workday.

So my question for you today is this. Where can you open yourself up more to being supported by other like-minded women? Is there a networking event, a group program, a retreat that you could say YES to and allow yourself to be part of? What about creating a mini-mastermind of 4, or hosting a co-working day out of your own home? What gets to shift for you in your life and your business when you allow yourself to be held and supported by other women who get you, know what you’re going through and who’ve got your back… Answer these questions for me and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

In loving service,


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