Life is Fleeting…Remember What Matters.

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

A dear friend of mine passed away on Monday of Breast Cancer… She was 36.

Court & Ash

Courtney and I danced together at the University of Illinois, in a company in Detroit with the now famous Sonya Teyeh of So You Think You Can Dance, and created badass dance shows in Chicago together.

Court lit up a room so bright you couldn’t help but be your best self while in her presence. This woman’s spirit is FIERCE, her personality-contagious, and was a serious inspiration to all who knew her.

She’s dancing with my other dear friend William now who passed of brain trauma 3 months ago. They were the best of friends, the inseparable dancing duo that fully rocked their short time on this Earth.

Court and William

I’m blessed to have learned from, sweat my ass off with, and danced my heart out with these too awesome beings…some of my best memories to date.

I say this to you not to depress you, or make you feel sorry for me. We all experience loss. But more to inspire you to remember…remember what matters…

These two beautiful beings helped me remember that life is short, precious, fleeting… Everything that we know now, here in this body, on this Earth, at this time, can be gone in a blink of an eye. There is no time for resentment, hatred, complaining and constant negativity toward your sweet self or others. There is only room for LOVE.

How can you love stronger today?

These two amazing people truly seized the day by FULLY going after and pursuing their dreams. They knew life wasn’t a dress rehearsal and those two powerhouses lived their lives full out!

Are you living your life full out?

Dear one, don’t wait until there’s a “perfect” time or moment to do what you really want to do here on this Earth. Do what you love, love what you do. Commit to doing the inner work so you can enjoy the beauty of our precious outer world. Speak your truth…

As the wise Henry David Thoreau said, “Go forth boldly in the direction of your dreams; live the life you’ve imagined.”

The time is now.

Let us not only remember this when one passes or something catastrophic happens, but always, always, always…

Remember what matters


How do you want to live your life while you’re here?

What kind of a legacy will you leave?

What do you really want to be doing with your precious time?

How can you contribute in making this amazing gift of the world a better place to inhabit for all beings everywhere?

What lights you up…makes your heart melt? Gives you that feeling…ya know, the one that makes you wanna break out into tears, while simultaneously filled up with SO MUCH GRATITUDE for being alive? Do that thing NOW.

Who do you want to be?

Be her now. Do the things she dreams of doing, go to the places she dreams of going to…while you can.

Life is fleeting. Seize this moment and LIVE your life like you intend to. This isn’t a dress rehearsal…so what are you waiting for?

Please share an answer or two to these questions in the comment section below…I’d love to hear from you.

With Strong Body Love,

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