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One of the biggest struggles I’ve dealt with in my life and biz is feeling like I’m running through my days like a chicken with my head cut off. You feel me?

I used to feel it all the time, and my clients struggle with this for sure—so one of the strategies we’ve been working with lately is how to create your ideal workday.


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Here’s the deal: One of the secrets to becoming successful in your life and business is to create your radiant ideal day, now! Not when you have more money, not when you have more time, but today—right here right now. Honestly…this is a serious game-changer, ladies.

When we start living life the way we actually want to—like taking a 90-minute Mediterranean style lunch and enjoying a glass of wine with a girlfriend that inspires you in the middle of your day, that we end up attracting more of what we want in our lives—be that love, clients, fun, freedom, success, etc…

Do you ever feel like you’re running around like a crazy chicken? If so, you’re gonna love today’s brand spankin’ new AshleyBTV episode, where I’ll be sharing how to build your ideal workday…cause life’s too short for long and draining days, skipping weekends and having a boyfriend named Mac.

Click on the video to watch and download your special Ideal Rockstar Day Action Sheet for the goods!

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After watching the video, tell us one action you can take to start creating your ideal day in the comment section below. What’s something that you can delegate out to someone else that you don’t enjoy doing, and what’s one thing that you absolutely love that you can bring more of into your life now?
Thanks so much for sharing with us, and if this video was helpful for you, please spread the love and share it with your crew.

Many happy and chill days to you!

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