Getting Our Calm On.

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I’ve been feeling called to meditate more often lately, so I wanted to take this opportunity and share what it is that I’ve been up to in this area, and see if it resonates for you.

Meditation is great for anyone, no matter what their religious beliefs, and it’s been found to offer many health benefits to the body and mind such as, increased immunity, emotional balance, lowered blood pressure, decreased inflammation.  And, and it helps people get their calm on for sure…  That’s why I love it so much!

Ash keepin the calm

It can be a bit intimidating at first–AND that’s why that call it a meditation practice.  But, it’s well worth taking the time to check it out and explore all that this simple act has to offer.

Recently, I’ve been incorporating positive affirmations into my meditation sits, and I’ve been loving it.   The combination of the two have really been helping me re-wire my brain to operate from a positive place, rather than a negative one.  Doing a quick five minute practice one to two times a day is the most amazing natural daily dose of medicine you’ll ever take.

Watch the AshleyBTV episode here to get your free guided affirmation meditation.

We are so go-go-go in this society today with all our technology and social media, etc.  All this forward growth is fantastic, but if we don’t stop and slow down from time to time, we WILL burn out.  Meditation offers you balance, peace, and of course, lots of LOVE.

Now I’d love to hear from  you.  How did you feel differently after you meditated.  How was it for you to combine the positive affirmation with your meditation?

Keep on keepin’ on, and keeping the calm,