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Hey y’all!  So today I want to talk a bit about positive body image, and why it’s so important and integral to your journey with weight loss and healthy living.  I know this is a tough subject because we, as a society, are consistently bombarded with unrealistic images of what we think our bodies should look like…and the reality of it is that it’s just not possible for the majority of us to be a size 0 or 2.

Personally, I’m comfortable at a size 8, and I’m totally cool with that.  But if I were to try and fit my body into a mold that it’s not meant to fit into, I’m going end up creating a lot of Fear, Force and Frustration for myself, and that my sweet friends, is an absolute recipe for disaster!    


So my recommendation is to take those 3 F-words and move ‘em on out, and invite Forgiveness to the dinner table.  Let’s focus on forgiving ourselves for engaging in the negative banter with our bodies, and start to focus on the positive things about them instead.  Start small.  If we focus on the positive, we begin to trick our mindset, and we end up getting into a more positive state.

So my assignment for you today is to make a commitment to yourself for the next week, that as soon as you wake up in the morning you’ll write down at least one thing about your body that you like and that you’re grateful for.  

By doing this you’ll create some very small shifts in your mindset.  These shifts are going to allow you to free up space so you can create a positive body image for yourself, and the small shifts will add up to becoming BIG changes long-term!  For more support on this topic please visit The SBL Body Compassion Boot Camp to learn more about our 6-week e-course coming up March 26th, 2013!

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